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How to use Ordeal in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ordeal.

Ordeal Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ordeal (noun) means an agonizing or traumatic experience.

The word can be used to describe a difficult time which tests the tolerance limit of a person.

The historical meaning of ordeal referred to the pain inflicted on a person through torture techniques for determining guilt or innocence. But the word has now come to suggest anything which is unpleasant or troublesome.

Use ordeal to express a long-term difficulty or a shorter moment of pain. It is commonly associated with an annoying test, something that causes misery or a tormenting situation.

Ordeal: Other Grammatical Forms


Ordeal in a Sentence Examples

1) Making her dyslexic son sit and study for the stretch of an hour was an ordeal that his mother had to undergo every single day.

2) This book had a gory description about the ordeals faced by soldiers who came back defeated from the battle.

3) To organize the documents from 1980 to 2014 in alphabetical order is going to be an ordeal for the poor secretary.

4) I won’t be able to go through the ordeal of divorcing my wife just after she has given birth to our baby. I have no option but to work our marriage out.

5) While some people love hiking through forests and sleeping in tents, other people think it is an ordeal.

6) New mothers have to go through the ordeal of keeping awake through the night to constantly check on their babies.

7) Her father wanted to put her through a long ordeal of not allowing her to meet her boyfriend, but he settled with grounding her for a week.

8) Cancer involves chemotherapy, counseling sessions and being in and out of hospitals. It is quite an ordeal to deal with.

9) The political journalist had the courage, strength and resilience to go through the ordeal of covering a war-torn nation for a whole month.

10) My poor cat had to go through the ordeal of several medical complications during the process of neutering. I felt pity for the mute animal.

11) The riveting biography spoke about the ordeals that he had to go through while growing up in a country which was inflicted with poverty, disease and anarchy.

12) It is better to make her realize the mistake by talking honestly rather than making her go through an emotionally violent ordeal.

13) He was made to go through the ordeal of restarting the document all over again just because he lost the flash drive in which he saved his work earlier.

14) The student was depressed after she read about the ordeals that people in the ancient times had to go though for mere survival.

15) Listening to stories of their excruciating ordeal during unstable political times was disheartening and upsetting.

16) The only reason historical fiction is not recommended for kids is because it elaborately describes ordeals by fire and water.

17) Meeting my ill friend is going to be an ordeal for me because I am very scared of going to hospitals.

18) The authorities spoke to the victims of the plane hijack and documented their ordeals so that they could be published in the newspaper the next day.

19) For the poor, life is nothing but a series of ordeals. But for the rich, the story is quite different.

20) Although she was released after being kidnapped, she couldn’t free herself from the vicious thoughts of the ordeal for several months.

21) For a student who hates Math, taking up engineering can be quite an ordeal.

22) By taking her interview in private, we got a firsthand account of what it was to survive the ordeals of an abusive marriage.

23) The gym instructor makes everyone go through the ordeal of doing fifty push-ups before starting any other exercises.

24) Everyone goes through mental, physical or emotional ordeals in life. What is important is how they emerge from it.

25) Giving the high dosage of medication was like putting the patient through an ordeal because there were many side effects. But the doctors were left with no other choice.

26) Digging a trench in the garden to help my mother with her gardening was an ordeal for my father on a Sunday morning.

27) Witnessing a young son’s death can be a painful ordeal for a mother, especially when she is divorced and doesn’t have her husband for any emotional support.

28) Running out of milk and going to office without drinking coffee is such an ordeal, especially when it happens on a Monday morning.

29) The ordeal wasn’t over for my makeup hating friend. She still had to get a manicure and pedicure before her wedding.

30) People were made to go through the ordeal of filling up the forms once again because the system hung up.

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