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How to use Gregarious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Gregarious, Gregariously and Gregariousness.

Gregarious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Gregarious (adjective) means talkative or friendly.

The core meaning of this word refers to the tendency of being in groups, be it humans, animals or birds. This is how the usage of gregarious has come to suggest sociableness, congeniality and warmth.

As the meaning suggests, gregarious is typically associated with people who are very affable and extroverted.

Use the word to describe people who are generally chatty and like being in other people’s company.

Gregarious: Other Grammatical Forms

Gregariously (adverb)

Gregariousness (noun)

Gregarious in a Sentence Examples

1) His gregarious nature always keeps everyone entertained. Needless to say, he is the life of every party.

2) Marketing and sales is an appropriate line of work for a person who is gregarious and knows his numbers well.

3) My daughter is not gregarious, which is why no one knows how intelligent she really is. I wish she was able to flaunt her strengths better.

4) Although she is a celebrity’s daughter, she is very gregarious and has no airs about her status. That is what makes her so endearing.

5) Don’t expect her to keep a secret. She is way too gregarious to maintain confidentially.

6) The sitcom tells the story of seven gregarious friends and their adventurous through life. You must watch for it for its witty dialogues.

7) My gregarious boss steals the limelight wherever he goes. And this annoys many of his subordinates for obvious reasons.

8) You need to be more gregarious to become a people’s person. Having a congenial disposition is the only way to attract people.

9) She is a very friendly person but you shouldn’t expect her to be gregarious today because she isn’t well.

10) As gregarious as he is right now, he can become a terror when he gets angry. So don’t take him at face value.

Gregariously in a Sentence Examples

1) The little child gregariously walked up to the cashier to ask him questions about the toy he liked at the supermarket.

2) The cat trotted towards me gregariously and meowed as if he wanted me to pet him. I was taken aback because I did not expect a cat to be so friendly towards a stranger.

3) A handful of common babblers sat on the branch of the tree outside my window and pruned each other gregariously.

4) He mingled with the new golf players gregariously, even though he was meeting them for the first time.

5) The President was welcomed gregariously with a lot of fanfare and cacophony of fireworks.

6) The women spoke gregariously and seemed pretty enthused about the philanthropic cause they had come to support.

7) Just before the incident of murder, the group of teenagers were seen strolling about the forest gregariously, without a care in the world.

8) The tourists walked gregariously to the inquiry desk, all excited and thrilled about their upcoming holiday.

9) To strike more camaraderie, all the team members celebrated gregariously with a few rounds of drinks. This helped to break the ice between them.

10) He hosted the party gregariously, introducing all his invitees to each other, proving good food and ensuring everyone’s comfort. Indeed, he was playing the perfect host.

Gregariousness in a Sentence Examples

1) It was his gregariousness that made the journey enjoyable. If not for him, we would have been bored.

2) Her gregariousness makes her a very affectionate person. She has a rare ability of getting along with just about every person she meets.

3) True to his gregarious tendencies, man feels more secure when he is in the company of others.

4) The gregariousness of that group can get annoying sometimes.

5) Her muted and subtle style of dressing did not correctly reflect her gregariousness.

6) Staying with my uncle for more than a month has made his gregariousness rub off on me too. Even I have become talkative now.

7) My father’s gregariousness was a nothing but a fake appearance. No one else but I knew how grave and sombre he was from within.

8) My manager’s gregariousness makes him approachable, even at the oddest of hours and for the oddest of reasons.

9) You should take a cue from his gregariousness and see how being an affable person can help you to grow your business networks so extensively.

10) Everyone was repulsed by the gregariousness he showed at the solemn occasion of his sister’s funeral.

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