Impassive: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Impassive in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Impassive, Impassively, Impassiveness and Impassivity.

Impassive Definition and Meaning with Examples

Impassive (adjective) means stoic or unexpressive. It can be used to describe someone who is straight-faced or stony.

An emotion or action which comes across a lifeless or devoid of feeling can also be called impassive.

Impassiveness often makes a person seem cold and distant.

If a birthday girl shows no emotions of joy and coldly accepts gifts given to her, she can be called impassive.

Impassive: Other Grammatical Forms

Impassively (adverb)

Impassiveness (noun)

Impassivity (noun)

Impassive in a Sentence Examples

1) He remained unexpectedly impassive after he heard the news of his mother’s death. It might have taken him some time to absorb the news.

2) Doctors become impassive about dealing with cases of terminal illnesses because they deal with so many of them on a daily basis.

3) Her lawyers gave her strict instructions to be as impassive as possible, not yielding to any emotion.

4) Most of the guards in the parade wore an impassive look on their faces, probably because they were thoroughly bored of their jobs.

5) As a receptionist who presents the first impression of the company, you are expected to come across as warm and genial, not impassive and cold.

6) The patron was not happy with the self-portrait he commissioned because it wore an impassive look which he considered to be a great contrast from his cheery demeanor.

7) His audition was rejected because he looked too impassive for the part of a father who single-handedly raised two kids.

9) The author’s impassive writing style enhances the intensity of the crime thriller.

10) His administrative job required him to perform sequential, repetitive and monotonous tasks. This made him very impassive as a person.

Impassively in a Sentence Examples

1) He replied impassively to the accusations made on him by everyone although he knew he was being falsely implicated.

2) She impassively accepted the fact that she had cancer, without even shedding a single tear.

3) They tried to behave as impassively as they could, but there was a point in their tumultuous married lives that they just couldn’t take it anymore.

4) The cops took copious notes as she impassively narrated the gory details of the crime scene.

5) Although he sat through the funeral impassively, everyone could see that his inner world was in utter chaos.

6) The biggest challenge for her was to behave impassively on her dinner date because she secretly knew that her boyfriend was going to dump her.

7) They sat through the meeting impassively, throwing a few insipid ideas here and there, showing zero interest in the new project.

8) She is a weird little girl who will stare back at you impassively even if you scold her.

9) I flung the feather toy around for a few minutes expecting my cat to jump along, but she looked at me impassively as if she was thoroughly amused with my antics.

10) He gazed at the coffin impassively. He couldn’t believe that the person who lay inside it was his very own son.

Impassiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) She mustered all her courage and put up a facade of impassiveness, not knowing how long she could sustain it.

2) Even though he was an amateur, he dealt with the murder case with the professionalism and impassiveness of a seasoned detective.

3) The impassiveness and distance with which he dealt with me was shocking. He acted as if he didn’t know me at all.

4) The actor appeared stoic all day, citing that he was practicing the look of impassiveness that he had to wear for the character that he played in his next movie.

5) Faking impassiveness is her forte. She makes it impossible to know what’s running through her mind.

Impassivity in a Sentence Examples

1) His face was marked by sheer impassivity, as if it made no difference to him that his wife had decided to leave the house.

2) Treat this period of personal turbulence with as much impassivity as you can. That could be the easiest way to get through it.

3) She owes most of her impassivity to her oversized sunglasses which she never takes off.

4) It’s a myth that impassivity and aggression are critical for professional success, especially in the case of women.

5) Don’t let the impassivity in his voice deceive you. He might sound cold but he’s actually a very helpful person.

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