How to Use Incessant in a Sentence: Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Incessant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Incessant, Incessantly, Incessancy and Incessantness.

Incessant: Definition and Meaning

Incessant (adjective) means continuous, endless or persistent.

The word can be used to describe anything which is nonstop or unflagging.

Incessant can carry a positive or negative connotation as per its use. For example, putting incessant effort to succeed in something is positive where as incessant reasoning for failure is negative.

Create a sentence with the word incessant to express the constancy or relentlessness of something. Associate it with continuous banter in the bus, endless complaining, unstoppable arguing, sustained noise, uninterrupted talking or ceaseless fighting.

Incessant: Other Grammatical Forms

Incessantly (adverb)

Incessancy (noun)

Incessantness (noun)


Incessant in a Sentence Examples

1) The incessant talking of the two women in the bus bothered the elderly gentleman who was trying to read.

2) Even incessant complaints from teachers did not manage to shake his parents from their deep slumber of ignorance.

3) His incessant effort was to get students to pick the right courses that matched their aptitude and academic ability.

4) Their incessant rant was not appreciated by most of us because it was baseless and contained no facts or figures.

5) The incessant noise of the traffic was impossible to stop. It hampered our music practice but there was nothing we could do about it.

6) The teacher turned around from the whiteboard to scan the classroom , trying to figure where the incessant murmur was coming from.

7) My mom suddenly stopped the car and stepped out to inspect the source of the incessant buzzing noise.

8) He complained to the doctor of incessant burping and acute stomach ache which invariably lead to severe dysentery.

9) My kitten’s incessant whining made me realize that she wasn’t being moody but there was something really wrong with her.


10) Your son does not need incessant criticism, but constructive criticism. Telling him off repeatedly will actually make him immune to your advice.


Incessantly in a Sentence Examples

1) My father incessantly urged me to apply to the college of his choice. He was very keen to see me do exceedingly well.

2) She talked incessantly about topics that were irrelevant to the discussion. It left everyone in the boardroom thoroughly perplexed.

3) She rehearsed her speech incessantly for the whole day to ensure that there was no error when she spoke on the day of the felicitation.

4) He called me incessantly and tried to convince me to sign up for the services until I threatened him to stop.

5) I was amazed to see my cat chase the moving train toy so incessantly. I thought she wouldn’t be bothered at all.

6) She thanked him incessantly for dropping her home at such an odd hour and said that she would return his favor very soon.

7) Even though he had practiced a lot, he couldn’t help but feel nervous and peek at his notes incessantly.

8) With kids fighting incessantly in the background, I don’t think she could have heard anything you said to her on the phone.

9) The employee was fearless and incessantly interrupted his boss while he was presenting.

10) Throughout the car ride, my little brother and my mother were fighting incessantly about the most trivial of things.


Incessancy in a Sentence Examples

1) The incessancy of their ungracious actions shows that they haven’t appreciated all the good things that have been done for them in the first place.


2) It was because of the incessancy of parental expectations that I failed at many academic challenges despite being capable.

3) The incessancy of labor work in his job gave way to boredom, fatigue and the desire look towards greener pastures.

4) It was the incessancy of his whining and complaining pushed me off the cliff. His grievance didn’t sound genuine at all.

5) The incessancy of her irate rant tired everyone in the family and caused nothing but negativity in the house.

Incessantness in a Sentence Examples

1) The incessantness of his diligence even during crunch time was annoying, but important. In fact, that was the only thing which paid off in the end.

2) The incessantness of cacophony from the house of our neighbors made me want to move to a quieter neighborhood.

3) A child’s incessantness in all aspects of his or her behavior is difficult to deal with, especially when the mother is already at her wits’ end.

4) It was the incessantness of her attempts that finally made her crack the exams and get through the prestigious university.

5) The incessantness of pleas had no effect on the cold-hearted judge. The harsh sentence remained unchanged.


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