Invincible in a Sentence

What does invincible mean? It means something or somebody that is incapable of being defeated.

Noun: -invincibility

Adjective: -noninvincible

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you think of yourself as invincible, do not go ahead and prove it by trying to punch a wall; it only ends up creating problems in your hands.
  • When you think about the invincible nature of the Hulk, you realize that the cartoon character is much more than the original Green Devil that you think it to be.
  • When you have a lot of money, you think yourself to be invincible from the vagaries of life. Do not try and take life for granted.
  • Some of the professional gaming teams around the world think of themselves to be invincible, that is unless they find another team taking away the trophy from under their noses.
  • Always remember that there is nothing invincible in this world other than a thought that is put into action.
  • You will only start feeling invincible when you have conquered your inner Demons.

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