Intricate in a Sentence

What does intricate mean? It means something that is complex, extremely complicated to understand for any amateur in that stream.

Noun: -intricateness

Adjective: -unintricate

Sentence Examples: –

  • Unless you have an intricate understanding of the black hole theory, it is important for you to revise and keep on at this theorem till you get it right.
  • There are many people that spend a few months in order to solve an intricate puzzle.
  • Just a simple look at the intricate design and the designer knew that he had a big task cut out for him.
  • The wedding had a lot of intricate decorations, and without the right person to pull it off, it would have been a disaster.
  • Intricate planning is required for you to enjoy your travel to various places in the world. Without it, you’re only going to be stuck in some place.
  • The board game was pretty intricate; it required a lot of precision as well as understanding.
  • The intricate nature of the human body makes it pretty difficult for people without any medical knowledge to find the true problem behind pain in their body.

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