Livid: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Livid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Livid, Lividness and Lividly.

Livid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Livid (adjective) means angry or furious. It can be used to express rage and fury of the highest degree.

Livid also refers to discoloration due to a bruise. It can also be used to describe a grayish hue, purple tinge or redness.

In a certain context, the word is an amalgamation of these meanings and is generally associated with extreme amount of rage which makes a person go pale.

Add livid to your vocabulary by using is to describe intense amount of fury. Use it in place of anger when you want to express more severity of the same.

Livid: Other Grammatical Forms

Lividness (noun)

Lividly (adverb)

Lividity (noun)

Livid in a Sentence Examples

1) My mother was livid because I faked her signature on my school documents.

2) On hearing about her sister’s murder, her face became livid with disbelief.

3) All the customers who received a faulty product were livid with the sales personnel of the company.

4) I became livid when I read the email to find out that I had been rejected from the position that I was perfect for.

5) The bruises from the accident left him livid and traumatized.

6) The shock of his mother’s death left his limbs numb and his face livid.

7) The oncoming of monsoons turned the sky livid and the ground moist.

8) Inefficiency caused by a lackadaisical attitude at work makes my boss livid to no limits.

9) His elder sister was livid because he used her computer and conked it off.

10) She blushed livid on seeing him walk towards her. Obviously, she wasn’t very good at masking her emotions.

Lividness in a Sentence Examples

1) When her dad came to know about his daughter’s misbehavior, his lividness knew no bounds.

2) He had no idea about the level of lividness he was going to invite from the teacher for his dangerous mischief.

3) Unable to contain his lividness, his hands started trembling with rage as he continued yelling at his kids.

4) The lividness on his face was enough to tell me that it wasn’t the right time to talk.

5) His lividness was valid because his girlfriend cheated on him in the most heartless manner.

6) I am sick of his unfounded lividness. He needs to tone down a bit or I might just reach my limit of tolerance.

7) Her face was marked with pure lividness, an emotion that I never knew was a part of her otherwise pleasant personality.

8) Protesting through a candle march was the only way that people could show their lividness towards the government.

9) The lividness of her bruise was increasing day after day and that got us worried sick.

10) This ridiculous new rule at school is going to provoke nothing but lividness in students.

Lividly in a Sentence Examples

1) She spoke lividly on animal cruelty in the conference. It seemed that the topic was close to her heart.

2) If you behave lividly in front of your young child all the time, he will get the impression that you are a monstrous mother.

3) He behaved lividly when he found out that his housekeeper had been stealing things behind his back.

4) My parents reacted lividly when they came to know that I drove their car when they were away.

5) Her bruises shone lividly as the light streamed directly on her face.

6) The teacher screamed lividly when she realized that she had been the victim of a prank by the students.

7) My mother criticized my behavior, which I thought was surprising. I expected her to behave lividly.

8) The lividly painted horizon inspired me to write a poem about the struggles of my life.

9) His boss looked at him lividly and held his hand beneath the table to stop having from saying something that would have caused a blunder in the meeting.

10) Don’t speak to her lividly. She needs your understanding right now, not your anger.

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