Lucrative: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Lucrative in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Lucrative, Lucratively and Lucrativeness.

Lucrative Definition and Meaning with Examples

Lucrative (adjective) means profitable or rewarding. It refers to anything which generates wealth or makes money.

It also suggests anything that is bankable, worthwhile or productive.

The word is commonly associated with business, ideas, opportunities, jobs or endeavors that pay well.

For example, if one job opportunity pays a college graduate less than the other, she is likely to pick the one which pays more lucratively.

Lucrative: Other Grammatical Forms

Lucratively (adverb)

Lucrativeness (noun)

Lucrative in a Sentence Examples

1) Beauty has become a lucrative industry because cosmetics have begun to sell hope, not good skin.

2) She is financially secure because her dad has made many lucrative investments for her since she was a child.

3) Opening a restaurant seems like a lucrative endeavor but it’s backbreaking work.

4) Many people think it’s lucrative to own dogs because their puppies can eventually be sold for a lot of money.

5) Showbiz has always been and always will be a lucrative industry for outsiders. Only the insiders know how much hard work it takes to survive here.

6) He has signed up to be a part of this project only because you’ve promised him some lucrative outcomes.

7) The board identified the most lucrative initiatives of the business and decided to focus only on them.

8) He is an angel investor looking for lucrative opportunities to invest in.

9) It might be difficult to make a lucrative career out of such a niche idea, unless you make that niche your unique selling proposition.

10) The script has romance, drama, thrill, comedy and a bit of action. It’s seems to be a lucrative potboiler.

Lucratively in a Sentence Examples

1) She has deliberately chosen a lucratively paying job even though it’s not something she wants to do.

2) He will be up for any business venture as long as it promises to pay off lucratively.

3) While others admired the tribal art with keen interest, he eyed it lucratively and thought how he could monetize it.

4) Even though he is lucratively paid in his job, he is not satisfied. He wants to do something he’s passionate about.

5) She has maneuvered her business so lucratively in the past few years that she’s silenced all her naysayers who said she could never make it.

6) The editor asked the team to devise advertising campaigns that could be lucratively embedded into the project.

7) They’ve shifted gears in business because they’ve started earning more lucratively from other ventures.

8) We had a piece of land in our possession since many years but we didn’t know how to use it lucratively.

9) The analysts wondered why the product didn’t do well in the market even though it was competitively and lucratively priced.

10) It was time to reinvent and give our products a makeover if we wanted to function more lucratively in our industry.

Lucrativeness in a Sentence Examples

1) He is whimsical investor. If you show him the lucrativeness of the project, he might just change his mind and invest in it.

2) It is not possible to refute the lucrativeness of the entertainment business. But it is also not fair to deny that many people employed in the industry are still underpaid.

3) Don’t choose a career by judging it on the basis of its lucrativeness. Instead, see if you’re passionate about it or not.

4) Everyone seems to be lured by the lucrativeness of the fashion industry but no one seems to acknowledge the hard work that’s involved in it.

5) The lucrativeness of the job is attracting millions of people to it. This includes those who have to move interstate.

6) The lucrativeness of the profession has drawn thousands to it but few have shown the dedication it requires for surviving here in the long run.

7) Many people give more importance to the lucrativeness of something in life, rather than its relevance or need.

8) He was lauded for the way he believed in the lucrativeness of the venture and did everything to ensure its success.

9) Since he wants you to join his business so desperately, it’s obvious that he is going to show you the lucrativeness of it and nothing else.

10) She has the knack of spotting lucrativeness in everything. That’s the reason that she’s such a successful entrepreneur.

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