Loquacious in a Sentence

What does loquacious mean? It means trying to talk excessively, becoming pretty talkative.

Noun: -loquaciousness

Adjective: -unloquacious

Sentence Examples: –

  • When downing a few drinks, Jack turns out to become loquacious, and that is when we need to take him back to his house.
  • Indian people are quite reserved and shy when meeting with other people; however, a few drinks, and they turn out to be pretty
  • Whenever Jon found himself in close contact with the loquacious employee, he always excused himself in order to go do some other work.
  • Whenever the employer was being rather loquacious, we understood that he had a few drinks under his belly.
  • The Army would do anything in order to straighten out loquacious people that make its way into their ranks.
  • When you are a shy person, there is nothing was to find yourself being seated next to a loquacious person on a long flight.
  • It is usually during personal grief that even a loquacious person finds it very difficult to come up with words that string together.

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