Lucid in a Sentence

What does lucid mean? It means something that can be easily comprehensible, something that can be easily understood.

Noun: -lucidity

Adjective: -nonlucid

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you are having one of those lucid dreams, it is important for you to try and understand what it means.
  • When I went to the psychologist and told him about my lucid dreams, he understood that it was dreams that reflected the pain that I went through in my childhood.
  • The medication is that the doctor had prescribed for me did not make me very lucid, rather it made me extremely drowsy, and unable to come up with any clear thoughts.
  • Although I’m a bit drunk, but I have a God gifted ability to remain lucid and can drive myself without coming across any problems whatsoever.
  • After going through a hard day of work, it is certainly a lot to be asking a person to remain lucid.
  • There are times in which you would want to strike yourself when you find that you are having lucid thoughts when you need to be grieving for someone.

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