Mandate: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Mandate in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Mandate, Mandated and Mandating.

Mandate: Definition and Meaning

Mandate (noun) refers to a directive, approval or authority.

The word can be used in a variety of ways and grammatical forms to describe an official command, power of authorization, delegation of authority or the act of making something mandatory.

Mandate is most commonly used in the context of governments, voters, election, parties and policies.

For instance, when voters elect a leader of their choice, the authority they give the leader to implement their ideas or the changes they want is called a mandate.

Mandate: Other Grammatical Forms

Mandate (verb)

Mandated (verb)

Mandating (verb)

Mandate (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) The people of this country have given a mandate for change. The new government must live up to new expectations and fulfill their promises.

2) Since it was a royal mandate, it had to be implemented as soon as possible. Officers were running in all directions to make that happen.

3) The commanding officer passed a mandate that he expected all his officers to follow, no matter what the circumstances were.

4) It will be very easy for the party to decide their strategy for the next five years because they have been given a clear mandate.

5) Several articles were published to draw public attention towards the important mandate that had been positively and productively used.

6) You will need a government mandate before you go to the next level of seeking permissions from the residents.

7) Chief acted exactly as per the mandate given to him. He didn’t dare to use his discretion.

8) The mandate given by the citizens of our country this time is very precise, clear and direct. There is no scope for misinterpretation or confusion.

9) Whether the mandate is political, social or economic in nature, it is the responsibility of the party to follow it to the last word.

10) According to the mandate given to us this year, the burning issues to be sorted out were inflation, unemployment and poverty.

Mandate (verb) in a Sentence Examples

1) Unless we are sure about the fact that they will mandate this project, we cannot invest so much money in it beforehand.

2) The more you try to mandate the actions and behavior of your kids, the more they will turn rebellious and get out of hand.

3) The authorities have already taken a lot of time to mandate the application given to them several months ago.

4) Although the voters still had to mandate the agenda for town planning by casting their vote, many actions were already being taken without common consensus.

5) Unless people mandate the kind of change required in the government to function more productively, the country will continue to live in the past.

6) As much as the doctor wanted to mandate an hour of exercise for the patient, he refrained from doing so because he knew that it was a very high target to begin with.

7) The governor did not want to sign the document and mandate the changes until he had read through them in detail by himself.

8) The mayor of the city wanted people to get accustomed to driving bicycles in specified lanes before he could mandate new driving guidelines.

9) The government cannot mandate green buildings, but it can do its very best in promoting a construction philosophy that impacts the ecology positively.

10) After facing a lot of pressure from the opposition, he was forced to mandate all those things that he never wanted to.

Mandated in a Sentence Examples

1) The entire country has mandated change in the existing policy because no one wants corruption to stop its benefits from percolating to the grassroots level.

2) The corporate started looking for funds only after their project was mandated by the local authorities.

3) The local council mandated every house to have an extra water reserve to store natural rain water.

4) After reading through the new set of guidelines, we figured that the panel of teachers mandated exactly opposite of what we had requested them to.

5) As per the mandated changes in policy, the university was not supposed to hire professors on contract or on temporary employment basis.

Mandating in a Sentence Examples

1) Everyone was worried about the government mandating rules and regulations in private educational institutions as autonomy was very precious.

2) The commission lost track of time while it was mandating the strategies of the appointed team.

3) The school wanted to enforce more discipline among the students because of which they started mandating new rules and policies.

4) Mandating hundred percent attendance in social activities of the company was the only way in which bonding among employees could be ensured.

5) The official procedure of mandating punishments for students not carrying their IDs had finally begun in schools.

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