Meretricious in a sentence

What does meretricious mean? It means trying to show something on the total pretense as well as deception along with subtle vulgar attractions.

Noun: -meretriciousness

Adjective: -unmeretricious

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is only because of the meretricious dressing sense that Christie has often been mistaken for a prostitute, and she has been able to receive a lot of indecent exchange of words on a daily basis.
  • One of the most important things about my mother-in-law is her decoration with such meretricious things that although it is good to look at, it does not make any sense to the interior decoration.
  • If you go around wearing those earrings, you are definitely going to let people think of you having a meretricious sense of dressing.
  • When a writer starts writing with a meretricious style, it certainly brings about a lot of sense to his writing skills.
  • In order to show off to his ex-wife, Jon went about driving a flashy car with a meretricious sense. It certainly made his day much better.

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