Lugubrious in a sentence

What does lugubrious mean? It means to be in an aggravated manner that is mournful.

Noun: -lugubriousity

Adjective: -nonlugubrious

Sentence Examples:

  • If you need to find the perfect example in terms of a lugubrious character in our lives, you only have to look at the post man.
  • Well, once the actor started on the lugubrious monologue, it was only a matter of time before some members of the audience fell asleep on their seats.
  • With a monotone and a very bad lugubrious speech, the history professor brought 50% of his class down with headaches.
  • Just because you happen to be in a good board does not mean that I would get out of my lugubrious mood at this moment.
  • After the breakup, Jimmy went around in a lugubrious condition for a long period of time.
  • There is nothing sad about this even, everything seems to be
  • Despite the fact that the job paid well, Franklin always tended to have lugubrious look whenever he went to work in the morning. There was a certain amount of despise in that job for him.

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