Meticulous in a Sentence

What does meticulous mean? It means somebody going to extreme lengths in order to teach someone the minute details of a particular job or project.

Noun: -unmeticulousness

Adjective: -unmeticulous

Sentence Examples: –

  • Gareth is a meticulous worker, and continues to bring a lot of admiration to himself with his quality work ethics.
  • The job of an accountant is pretty meticulous, and requires the concentration of an eagle to ensure that everything is done in a proper manner.
  • As the owner of a large mansion, finding a meticulous cleaner can prove to be a very big problem.
  • One of the primary characteristics that most of the employers look for in their employees is being meticulous. This leads to a good productivity in the workplace.
  • When it comes to personal hygiene, being meticulous is the best way to look forward.
  • The records of the government would have to be extremely meticulous as well is organized or else there would be a lot of problem.
  • Unless you are meticulous in your approach towards a particular work, you would only end up creating a lot of problems for the higher up people in the management.

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