Ostentatious in a sentence

What does ostentatious mean? It means something that is intended to impress others or to attract notice in a pretty unnecessary manner.

Noun: – ostentatiousness

Adjective: – unostentatious

Sentence Examples:

  • Jenny wore a coat that was far too ostentatious for a somber occasion like a funeral. Many people advised her against wearing it.
  • Even when there is a wonderful collection of old gramophones at jack’s house, he does not look to present them in an ostentatious way to everyone looking to take a glimpse at it. He simply leaves it as it is.
  • There is an aunt of mine that has a habit of wearing an ostentatious pendant in her ring finger, regaling people with stories of how my grandfather gave it to her on his deathbed.
  • When you look to go to a formal occasion, wear a dress that is appropriate, not something that is ostentatious.
  • It has been advised by the tourism department of Brazil for the tourists to not wear any kind of ostentatious jewelry as it would only attract undue attention to them.

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