Panacea in a Sentence

What does panacea mean? It means to have an answer to all the problems and difficulties.

Adjective: -panacean

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is amazing how people think that there is no amount of panacea to the kind of problems that they face on a daily basis.
  • Cancer does not have any panacea; it is a disease that requires a lot of effort to control and an enormous amount of dedication to detect at an early stage.
  • With a patch released for the software, it was supposed to be the panacea in order to hold back all the security risks that had been faced by the program in recent times.
  • There is absolutely no panacea to all the technology -related problems that we face on a daily basis.
  • Most people think that money happens to be the panacea to all their troubles; however these are the people that will not realize how they have to make the money.
  • Chocolate seems to be the panacea for women that not only help them to forget all their worries and problems but also enable them to work for the greater good.

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