Paranoia: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Paranoia in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Paranoia, Paranoid and Paranoically.

Paranoia Definition and Meaning with Examples

Paranoia (noun) means fear, mistrust or suspicion.

In a literal sense, paranoia is essentially a psychological condition or a personality disorder in which a patient is known to have unreasonable delusions.

The word is more commonly used to refer to an unjustifiable worry, doubt or fear about something.

Create a sentence with the word paranoia to refer to someone’s baseless belief about being harmed for no real reason. For example, if a business owner is constantly fretting about how his risks will pay off, he is paranoid about it. Similarly, if a mother is calling her daughter every five minutes to know her whereabouts, she is paranoid about her.

Paranoia: Other Grammatical Forms

Paranoid (adjective)

Paranoid (noun)

Paranoically (adverb)

Paranoia in a Sentence Examples

1) She has been running a fever because of her paranoia about the exams. It’s completely psychosomatic.

2) Don’t let your paranoia get the better of you. The more you give into it, the more it will grow on you.

3) Her levels of paranoia can drive other people crazy. She not only worries herself, but also causes worry amongst people around her for the slightest of things.

4) The reporter did not do the right thing by embellishing the news and spreading paranoia amongst the people.

5) He has been having bouts of paranoia but the doctors have thankfully been able to control that with the help of strong medication.

6) There is widespread paranoia about the riots because of the rumors of attacks that have been multiplied by the media.

7) The entire team was engulfed in the paranoia about letting out confidential information which could sabotage the project.

8) Her paranoia and cynicism did not let her make friends. She remained a loner all her life.

9) There was enough paranoia about sending kids to school after all the violence had taken place. There was no need to show us a documentary about it and add to our fears.

10) The book described that paranoia that had set into the minds of the people after the war ended.

Paranoid (adjective) in a Sentence Examples

1) Can you stop being paranoid about the rain? The sky is clear today and the monsoons are just about over.

2) In our psychology class, we studied about paranoiac schizophrenia and how severely it affects patients suffering from it.

3) My brother was paranoid about drinking even one glass of cold water because he thought it would affect his vocal chords on the day of his solo performance.

4) She becomes paranoid when she comes across friendly people because she’s had a bad experience with her close friends recently.


5) She installed a secret camera in her kitchen because she was paranoid about the housekeeper stealing things from her fridge.

6) If you are so paranoid about the security of your office, you should hire an agency to look after your safety needs.

7) She constantly straightened out her skirt because she was paranoid about getting creases before her important job interview.

8) My grandfather is paranoid about touching the computer. He thinks that pressing one wrong key will make it crash.

9) I was paranoid about eating street food in Thailand because I had been severely affected by a stomach infection in my earlier travels.

10) People are paranoid about the new government because their new policies have been rumored to cause inflation in the country.

Paranoid (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) She is a paranoid who will not only prevent herself but also others from doing things that she is afraid of.

2) My grandmother is a paranoid and will give you warnings about everything imaginable.

3) My manager hated working with him because he was a paranoid. Instead of thinking up new ideas, he would be worried about what could possibly go wrong.

4) He became a petulant paranoid who lost his senses every time he faced a situation in which he could not control the variables.

5) It is such a pity that a brilliant man like him has been reduced to an insufferable paranoid in his old age.

Paranoically in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t show your black cat to him right now. He will think it’s a bad omen and behave paranoically.

2) My mother will scream around the house paranoically if she calls on my phone a few times and is unable to reach me.

3) His father was screaming paranoically when he discovered that his favorite tie got torn just before his meeting.

4) She looked to the right, then to the left and paranoically crossed the street because she didn’t want to be caught running away from home.

5) She tends to become more garrulous when she hyperventilates paranoically. Her fear needs an outlet in some way.

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