Penultimate in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Penultimate in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Penultimate.

Penultimate Definition and Meaning with Examples

Penultimate (adjective) means second last. It can be used to describe anything which comes just before the last one.

In grammar usage, it refers to the syllable that appears just before the last one.

Something which comes almost last in a series can be described by the word penultimate.

The second last part of a book, TV episode, marathon, meeting or a game can be called penultimate.

Penultimate: Other Grammatical Forms


Penultimate in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though I was nearing the penultimate act of the play, I was on the edge of my seat – completely riveted by the story.

2) The whole stadium was waiting with bated breath for the penultimate ball to be thrown. The tension was insurmountable.

3) Just when the penultimate part of the show was about to end, there was a power outage and the event turned out to be a debacle.

4) Don’t let your efforts go to waste. It’s the penultimate part of presentation so give it your best shot.

5) The penultimate leg of the marathon is always the most difficult. But if you stick it out, you’ll be proud of yourself later.

6) The prizes are going to be announced on the penultimate day of the festival. The grand finale is going to be even more extravagant.

7) We planned a party on the penultimate day of the matches, assuming that our favorite team would get into the finals.

8) The most pertinent questions have been raised in the penultimate chapters of the book. Apart from that, the rest is pretty dreary.

9) She skipped the party because she didn’t want to miss the penultimate episode of her favorite TV show.

10) Students like him don’t care if they’re given a penultimate warning or a final one. They’ll do what they feel like doing anyway.

11) Since this is the penultimate meeting before the product launch, we must iron out all possible pitfalls.

12) This is your penultimate warning. One more time you mess with the law you and you’ll be behind bars.

13) He can’t wait for the penultimate session of the week to get over so that he can go home and meet his son.

14) It’s a pity that he was disqualified in the penultimate round of the quiz. He had the potential to win it.

15) Many people have been placed their bets on the home team winning the penultimate game of the season.

16) The doctors informed us about the diagnosis after the patient had taken her penultimate dose of the prescribed medicines.

17) The editor suggested many changes in the penultimate paragraphs.

18) The actor was required to make a few special appearances in the penultimate season of the TV series.

19) Even though the party was to be held on the penultimate day of the event, grand preparations had already been made.

20) On the penultimate day of summer school, he dreamt about all the things he would do with his girlfriend later.

21) It’s the penultimate day of being kept under observation in the hospital but nothing seems to be getting better.

22) From everything that I saw, the penultimate exhibition of the museum was the best.

23) It was the penultimate tremor that reduced our house to unrecognizable rubble.

24) His penultimate stroke didn’t kill him but it did more damage to his body than the one which was fatal.

25) The artist’s penultimate work received a lot of praise in international circles.

26) If we knew that the game we attended was going to be his penultimate one, we would’ve surely taken his autograph.

27) They were asked to look at the penultimate CCTV tape to find evidence because apparently, that’s when all the action happened.

28) Amongst all our theatrical performances, the penultimate one got the most adulation.

29) My friend’s support in my life is not just important but also penultimate.

30) It was a source of penultimate joy for him to see his stepson do so well in life.

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