Pertinent in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Pertinent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Pertinent, Pertinently, Pertinence and Pertinency.

Pertinent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Pertinent (adjective) means relevant or fitting. It can be used to describe anything which is related and appropriately suited to the matter in question.

The word pertinent can refer to anything which is directly applicable to the issue at hand.

Use pertinent to suggest aptness. Anything which is to the point can be called pertinent.

If a bunch of people want to chop trees in their neighborhood, showing them a movie about saving the environment is pertinent. But making a comment about Hollywood in a business meeting is not pertinent.

Pertinent: Other Grammatical Forms

Pertinently (adverb)

Pertinence (noun)

Pertinency (noun)

Pertinent in a Sentence Examples

1) Most of the details given in this email are not pertinent to my requirements.

2) If you don’t ask pertinent questions, you are bound to get irrelevant answers. Always be direct and straightforward.

3) The cops were hoping to find more clues by combing all the pertinent information they could find regarding the case.

4) If your opinion is not pertinent to the issue at hand, don’t bother discussing it and wasting everyone’s time.

5) The company’s failure with the latest project did not go well with the management. They asked managers of all departments to submit pertinent reasons for the dismal way in which operations were carried out.

6) The explanations that you are giving for your absence and lackadaisicalness are not pertinent to this discussion.

7) He refused to listen to her because none of her excuses were pertinent to the problem.

8) The management’s response was pertinent to all the issues raised by the shareholders.

9) She has the knack of belting out satirical quips that are pertinent to the situation. She is famed for her sharp wit.

10) The emcee moderated the talk and allowed only pertinent questions to be asked.

Pertinently in a Sentence Examples

1) She spoke very pertinently about the issues that students were facing while changing courses in the middle of a semester.

2) They wanted to invite speakers who could comment pertinently on the financial disaster that had swept the country’s economy.

3) The amendments to the law have been pertinently made. In fact, they were due from a long time.

4) She caught hold of her manager at the right time and pertinently informed him about the problems she was facing at work.

5) He informed his boss that he was not comfortable working in the new setup, and more pertinently he was not being given the pay he deserved.

6) They won the elections because their agenda and promises were pertinently communicated to the people. Everyone wanted a government which could implement better policies at the ground level.

7) The only reason I listened to her long speech is because she spoke rather pertinently.

8) If you want to make your mark as a woman who means business, you will have to start communicating pertinently on every occasion.

9) Even though the question posed to him was totally vague, the professor tried to answer it as pertinently as he could.

10) Instead of replying to all the pertinently made remarks about the company’s ineffective operations, the CEO took it personally and walked away.

Pertinence in a Sentence Examples

1) The pertinence with which he speaks makes most people connect to him easily. He is not like other politicians who talk rubbish.

2) The meeting proved to be fruitful and full of pertinence. All the issues that needed to be ironed out by the top management were duly addressed.

3) The story that the mother narrated to her son was full of pertinence. It taught him life lessons and other important values too.

4) What we are discussing right now has no pertinence to the problem at hand whatsoever.

5) Pertinence was never his forte. He had a habit of veering off to random topics while giving presentations.

Pertinency in a Sentence Examples

1) The pertinency of these axioms can never wither away. They are so true that they will always stand the test of time.

2) Even though it stems from a different discipline, its pertinency and overall impact cannot be ignored.

3) Social media is gaining pertinency in modern recruitment. Employers are using social media platforms as a part of their background check procedures for new hires.

4) A good search engine is expected to deliver on all fronts when it comes to search results, including accuracy, pertinency and speed.

5) Persistency and pertinency are vital to a successful job interview. Make sure you address all the questions raised by your interviewers

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