Perfunctory in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Perfunctory in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Perfunctory, Perfunctorily and Perfunctoriness.

Perfunctory Definition and Meaning with Examples

Perfunctory (adjective) means formal or superficial. It can be used to describe something which is done out of mere necessity, without any interest.

Anything which is done as a part of a routine without being given much thought can be called perfunctory.

The word also refers to indifferent behavior that lacks enthusiasm.

When a manager signs a document without even reading it, he is said to have done the job perfunctorily.

Perfunctory: Other Grammatical Forms

Perfunctorily (adverb)

Perfunctoriness (noun)

Perfunctory in a Sentence Examples

1) If he is not in the mood to give you an interview, he will give you his standard, perfunctory answers.

2) After a perfunctory exchange of greetings, they say down to have dinner. The aim was to supposedly know each other a little better.

3) They said a perfunctory hello to each other and sat down for serious discussion regarding their business.

4) The manager wasn’t very happy with the feedback session because none of his team members opened up. Everyone gave perfunctory replies and said all the right things.

5) She gave a perfunctory glance to the dossier, not knowing that she was missing out on recognizing a glaring error.

6) Perfunctory thank you emails for gifts were sent out to everyone after the party was over.

7) After showing a perfunctory interest in his ailing health, she quickly moved on to talking about other superfluous things.

8) What started with a perfunctory handshake at a party has turned into a lifelong friendship.

9) She received nothing but a cold, perfunctory apology note from her boss for making false allegations on her in front of everybody.

10) They put in perfunctory effort to mend their damaged relationship just to make their parents feel good.

Perfunctorily in a Sentence Examples

1) Without making eye contact, she perfunctorily asked me how I was doing.

2) I was perfunctorily invited to my manager’s wife’s birthday celebration, which I obviously had no interest in attending.

3) After our boss finished the presentation and asked us if we agreed with him, we smiled perfunctorily.

4) He smiled perfunctorily for ten seconds for the sake of a selfie. Otherwise, he was mad at me.

5) As the CEO, he had to more things perfunctorily as compared to anyone else in the company.

6) The cops finished the paperwork perfunctorily, knowing that nothing would stop him from getting bailed.

7) The current CEO perfunctorily mentioned her predecessor in her speech at the annual gala of the company.

8) The celebrity perfunctorily thanked his fans and well-wishers for his success.

9) He read the document perfunctorily because he knew that he had to sign it anyway.

10) At the party, the hostess perfunctorily asked everyone if they liked the food and ambience.

Perfunctoriness in a Sentence Examples

1) Replete with perfunctoriness, the minister’s speech was thoroughly boring.

2) His perfunctoriness in introducing me to his female colleagues made me suspicious about what he was hiding from me.

3) The relationship between the two countries is marked by perfunctoriness and impassiveness. There is no real interest in nurturing ties and dealing with the aftermath of the war.

4) The perfunctoriness of the speech was further exaggerated by the speaker’s curt style of narration.

5) The perfunctoriness with which he implemented policies proved that the new manager didn’t care about his reputation.

6) What was meant to be a statement of courteous perfunctoriness, somehow ended up being seen as rude and cold.

7) Award ceremonies are boring because of the perfunctoriness of all the speeches.

8) The film cannot be complete without the perfunctoriness of a clichéd skyline shot.

9) He could sense the perfunctoriness with which I wished him a happy birthday and gave him a gift.

10) The issue was discussed with perfunctoriness. No details or minutiae were touched upon.

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