Perplexed in a Sentence

What does perplexed mean? It means somebody that is bewildered or puzzled.

Noun: -perplexedness

Adjective: -self-perplexed

Sentence Examples: –

  • Jon seems to be perplexed at the fact that he would have to go to the doctor for the kind of problems that he has been facing lately.
  • I came across a perplexed expression by my wife when I told her that I had quit my job in order to start my own venture.
  • When my friends came to know about my new job, the expression changed from being perplexed to something of joy and understanding.
  • Being perplexed, I tried to ask for an explanation as to why my parents were divorcing; all I received was more questions than answers.
  • When you find that there are a lot of difficulties which has arose from the kind of work that you do, it is important for you to not feel perplexed.
  • The perplexed look that you have in your face is something that you need to take off very fast or else you would come across a lot of problems.

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