How to use Repertoire In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Repertoire in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Repertoire.

Repertoire Definition and Meaning with Examples

Repertoire (noun) is a word of French origin which traditionally refers to a collection or a set of items performed on stage by an artist. This could include plays, poetry, music, operas, ballets or compositions.

Over time, the word has been adapted to describe a collection, assortment, repository or compilation of any sort.

Add repertoire to your vocabulary by using it to describe a playlist of songs, range of experiences, gamut of skills, inventory of things or list of talents.

Repertoire: Other Grammatical Forms


Repertoire in a Sentence Examples

1) The opera singer’s repertoire seemed to have aged with her. No more could she enchant the audiences with her performance.

2) He may be the life of every party but he has a standard repertoire of one liner jokes that he narrates everywhere.

3) I am looking forward to his recital because the repertoire claims to include a perfect mix of traditional, modern and fusion pieces.

4) The teacher’s repertoire of witticisms manages to break the ice with new students every time.

5) There are two things that the critics loved about the food served to them – the repertoire of dishes and the nuanced flavors in each of them.

6) Your resume must accurately reflect your repertoire of skills, talents and abilities.

7) The magician’s repertoire of tricks has become redundant in the age of computer generated imagery which can entertain audiences for hours together.

8) His inexhaustible repertoire of amusing anecdotes is what makes him such a natural raconteur.

9) As a piano student, she won’t be allowed to expand her repertoire unless she gets the basics right.

10) The repertoire of films in the film festival this year is truly amazing.

11) The candidate impressed the job interviewer with his repertoire of technical skills.

12) You must increase your repertoire of talents if you want to apply to the illustrious music school in England.

13) Although the concert wasn’t that great, the artist’s repertoire was rated very highly.

14) Even though I have a limited repertoire of aesthetics, I managed to make the house look decorative before the guests arrived.

15) The store has gained immense popularity because of its fantastic repertoire of fashionable clothes straight from Milan.

16) She desperately needs to modernize her repertoire to keep her art relevant and timeless.

17) The filmmaker chose the best script from the writer’s repertoire. No wonder it turned out to be such a blockbuster.

18) This summer course comes recommended because of the large repertoire of study techniques that they familiarize students with.

19) My best friend’s iPod has a really cool repertoire of songs which I am going to copy to my computer.

20) Did you know that she owes her repertoire of skills to her mother who taught her to be a lifelong learner?

21) The interesting repertoire of background scores made the otherwise boring documentary come alive.

22) People are bored with all the standard items he includes in his repertoire in each performance.

23) The police should study the thief’s repertoire of talents to understand how he might have committed the crime.

24) The restaurant is most famous for the repertoire of fish delicacies it offers.

25) By taking culinary lessons, my wife is trying to expand her repertoire of gourmet cuisine.

26) Many homemakers use the internet on a daily basis to add to their repertoire of handy guidelines to run a home in less money.

27) If you want to woo the ladies with your guitar, you must include this particular tune in your repertoire.

28) My dog has a set repertoire of actions which he uses to communicate with me.

29) If you call yourself a true art collector, you cannot afford to have fakes in your repertoire.

30) I was disappointed by the poetry recitation event because I expected the each poet’s repertoire to be limited to their usual favorites and trademark styles.

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