Reticent in a Sentence

What does reticent mean? It means something that is reluctant or has not been allowed to speak freely.

Noun: -reticence

Adjective: -nonreticent

Sentence Examples: –

  • I happen to be extremely reticent when it comes to discussing my private life with people that I barely know.
  • I prefer to remain reticent than to find myself being labeled as a loudmouth, particularly when there are political aspirations to be taken into question.
  • The child prefers to remain reticent when we were asking everyone as to who was responsible for breaking the clamp.
  • Jon was okay with all the people that were reticent around them; he felt at one with them.
  • When people ask you about your problems, it is important to not be reticent, and rather try and sort everything out.
  • The new member of the class was reticent when he was asked whether his parents were alive or not; it was later found out that they had divorced a long time back and both of them were dead.

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