Suffice: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Suffice in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Suffice, Sufficient, Sufficiency and Sufficiently.

Suffice Definition and Meaning with Examples

Suffice (verb) means to be enough or adequate. It refers to something that satisfies a certain requirement or need.

Use suffice or any of its other grammatical forms to describe something which is capable to serve a purpose or satisfactory enough to meet a demand.

Include suffice in your vocabulary by using it as a substitute for enough.

Suffice is a more polished and sophisticated word for saying that something is something is sufficient.

Suffice: Other Grammatical Forms

Sufficient (adjective)

Sufficiency (noun)

Sufficiently (adverb)

Suffice in a Sentence Examples

1) I hope it suffices to say that I was absent because I was unwell.

2) One signature will suffice, but you may want to call the office and double check.

3) Does it suffice to give such a lame excuse for goofing up when you’ve caused a big loss?

4) Because today is a shorter working day, the amount of work you have submitted will suffice.

5) The extra air bags fitted in her sports car sufficed for the racing event.

6) Suffice it to say that there are no sales assistants in the store because most of them are on leave.

7) I was sent back to the shops to get a new set of cables because the ones I originally bought didn’t suffice.

8) Why did you print out the whole email? He told you that the first portion would suffice.

9) Suffice it to say that whatever happened, was for the best.

10) A few words would have sufficed as your answer. You lengthened it unnecessarily.

11) Her father hopes that his daughter’s hard work suffices to get her into law school.

12) The doctor thought that one dose of anesthesia would suffice for the kind of injury he had, but he was wrong.

13) My boss didn’t approve of the document because she was unsure if its quality would suffice for the client or not.

14) He thought that a small bribe would suffice, but it didn’t.

15) Her explanation did not suffice. She wanted to know more.

Sufficient in a Sentence Examples

1) Will a thousand dollars be sufficient for your business expenditure in the first few months?

2) The dinner party was a fiasco because there wasn’t sufficient amount of food for all the guests.

3) Add a sufficient amount of rosemary and thyme to give the dish good flavor.

4) The new auditorium had sufficient seating capacity unlike the older one which was cramped.

5) The medicines haven’t been sufficient to counter the dreadful disease.

Sufficiency in a Sentence Examples

1) The sufficiency of her explanation convinced me so much that I complimented her.

2) Self-sufficiency is one of the first things that will make you independent.

3) She needs to get tested for calcium sufficiency because she has been complaining of week knees since a long time.

4) The government could not finish the construction of the bridge because of the insufficiency of funds.

5) The sufficiency of measures taken in the event for security purposes was questionable.

Sufficiently in a Sentence Examples

1) An electric blanket may keep you sufficiently heated in harsh winters.

2) The house was not sufficiently large for ten family members.

3) The officers were sufficiently equipped with protective gear to save themselves in emergencies.

4) He was compensated sufficiently for putting his life on the line for the billionaire’s daughter.

5) The residents were warned to secure their houses sufficiently since a lot of burglaries had taken place off late.

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