Sumptuous in a Sentence

What does sumptuous mean? It means something that comes with a great expense as comprises of luxurious and lavish things.

Noun: -sumptuousness

Adjective: -unsumptuous

Sentence Examples: –

  • After having a sumptuous meal, all that is required by any one is to have a good night sleep.
  • After looking at the wedding feast which was sumptuous, one could say that Anne and her friends were more than pleased that they had fasted the previous day.
  • The amount of time spent in making the movie certainly made for an extravaganza that was sumptuous, but it failed to do so.
  • When you think about persons having sumptuous meals and then the homeless people in the neighborhood, it certainly brings a tear to the eye.
  • It was the job of the chef to create a sumptuous meal for a party of four, and he did his best in order to reflect his passion in that art.
  • Not only was the breakfast sumptuous, but the entire trip was something that we would remember for a long period to come.

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