Sullen in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Sullen in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Sullen, Sullenly and Sullenness.

Sullen Definition and Meaning with Examples

Sullen (adjective) means gloomy, dull or sulky. It can be used to describe an action or behavior which is morose, depressed or resentful.

Sullen, can also refer to elements of Nature, especially skies that are grey and gloomy.

The word also suggests slowness. For example, the sluggish flow of a river stream.

A person who maintains a depressing silence, has a dismal demeanor and is always in a drab mood can be called sullen. Such people are generally angry about something and uncommunicative about it too.


Sullen: Other Grammatical Forms

Sullenly (adverb)

Sullenness (noun)

Sullen in a Sentence Examples

1) His girlfriend was annoyed because he ruined their selfie with his sullen look.

2) Watching the documentary about the homeless in Africa made me sullen. I castigated myself for not doing something about it when I was vacationing there.

3) The whole class fell into a sullen silence when the teacher announced a surprise test.

4) How he managed to remain cheery even after she dumped him in front of his friends remains a complete mystery. Everyone expected him to be sullen and heartbroken.

5) The kid’s sullen expression after opening his Christmas gift was a sign that he did not like it.

6) His parents were hopeful that some of his friends would know why he has been so sullen since the last few months, but no one knew.

7) The actor has a knack for playing serious and sullen roles in movies.

8) She looked sullen after she came out from the meeting. It seemed like her boss didn’t approve any of her ideas.

9) Learn to take failure in good spirit, don’t sulk and be so sullen.

10) I don’t want to go on a date with a woman who is still sullen from her recent breakup. I’m not that desperate yet.


Sullenly in a Sentence Examples

1) She acted sullenly all day long just because no one liked her latest profile picture on Facebook.

2) The crowd was really annoyed when the DJ started playing dated tunes. Everyone sullenly started stepping away from the dance floor.

3) He sullenly made his way back home, knowing very well that he would be scolded for getting poor grades in class.

4) The dark and cloudy winter skies made me feel like going back to bed but I sullenly went for a shower because I had an important meeting at work.

5) Don’t smile if you don’t feel happy for her but at least don’t behave sullenly. This wedding is the most special day of her life and as her friends, we should do everything to make it perfect.


6) I will give you a piece of my mind if you behave so sullenly when grandpa and grandma come home for summer.

7) There is no reason to mope around sullenly just because you didn’t get an A in the test. Better luck next time.

8) The whole country sullenly watched in dismay as their team lost the finals of the World Cup.

9) Softly and sullenly, she said goodbye to her boyfriend who was leaving for a three-month project overseas.

10) I watched the river flow sullenly as I sat on the adjacent rock, thinking about how my life had shaped up.


Sullenness in a Sentence Examples

1) She spent the whole day trying to bring her boyfriend out of a state of sullenness after she forgot to wish him on his birthday.

2) The expression on his face was a mix of sullenness and annoyance. It was evident that he had a nasty hangover.

3) The sullenness in the air was palpable after the management announced that the company was planning to make a third of the staff redundant.

4) He tried to put up a brave face after he lost the match, but he couldn’t hide his sullenness.

5) You can’t put your sullenness on full display in your own birthday party just because you didn’t get the gift you wanted.

6) My daughter’s standard way of showing her sullenness is going to the beach and sitting there for hours with her phone switched off.

7) The sullenness of the sky and the somberness of the ambient music made me feel drowsy.

8) Over some pillow talk, her older sister managed to convince her that drowning in sullenness was not the way to heal after a breakup.

9) She put up a facade of being cheery but I could sense sullenness in her eyes.

10) The only way to get over the loss of a loved one is to come to terms with their death. Lean on your friends and family for emotional support so that they can pull you out of your sullenness.

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