Tirade: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Tirade in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Tirade.

Tirade: Definition and Meaning

Tirade (noun) means a long, angry and emotional speech. The purpose of such a speech is usually to harshly criticize or show fury towards something or someone.

A tirade may include abusive words and foul language. When a person starts talking or yelling continuously out of anger, he or she is said to have gone into or launched into a tirade.

Form a sentence using tirade to describe an episode between a fighting couple, bickering roommates, yelling friends or quarrelling parents and kids.

Tirade can also be used to describe a person who is continuously complaining and ranting out of anger.

Tirade: Other Grammatical Forms


Tirade in a Sentence Examples

1) My dad’s tirade against the government was redundant. He was wasting his time criticizing something he couldn’t change.

2) Don’t even touch the subject of inflation when you are talking to her. Else, she will launch into a tirade about free markets.

3) Bored of his wife’s continuous tirades, he eventually decided to get a divorce and live life on his own terms.

4) The representative of the committee was howling his lungs out while giving his speech, which actually sounded more like a tirade.

5) The customer wanted his burger to be replaced and the waiter refused to do so because of which a tirade ensued.

6) They are the kind of people who will launch into a tirade about things even if there is nothing much to really complain about.

7) Going into a tirade about the despicable state of the nation and its bad leadership, my father sips his tea each morning.

8) Political debates on TV have reduced themselves to tirades about what is wrong with the nation.

9) Their amicable conversation suddenly took an unexpected turn and they got into a tirade instead.

10) As soon as my mom entered the room, I deliberately went away because I didn’t want to be a part of the angry tirade that was about to take place between her and dad.

11) While the two businessmen got into a tirade with each other over a petty issue, their common rival took advantage of the situation and bagged the contract.

12) Prices of vegetables and gas are not worth having a tirade about.

13) Instead of getting into a tirade with your son, sit down and explain to him why he shouldn’t behave the way he did.

14) Although mom was yelling at my younger sister, in my heart I knew that her tirade was actually directed towards me.

15) The press is in a frenzy reporting about the ongoing tirade between the two biggest political parties.

16) Instead of wasting time on an angry tirade about the pending repairs of the neighborhood park, the committee should have spent time in solving the problem.

17) I was waiting for her tirade to get over so that she could calm her nerves down and listen to what I had to really say.

18) The doctor mentioned that too many psychiatric medicines may give her extreme mood swings, making her launch into tirades.

19) It is common for housemates to keep getting into infuriated tirades with each other. After all, living with each other’s habits is not an easy thing to do.

20) The husband and wife were so busy in their tirades about their domestic issues that they completely forgot switching off the flame of the stove.

21) Unless the government takes a few constructive steps, the public’s tirade over the lack of infrastructure will continue.

22) Everyone was shocked when she entered into a tirade with her friends because she was otherwise a very quiet person.

23) Even after being given the ultimatum of a punishment, he continued his tirade against the authorities and got into trouble.

24) Instead of going into a tirade over my little brother’s misbehavior, my mother sat back in her armchair, heaving a deep sigh.

25) It is so typical of parents to go on a tirade about miniscule things with their children.

26) They shouldn’t have washed dirty linen in public by fighting about their personal matters in front of everyone. Their private tirades should have been left home.

27) Because the executive didn’t service the customer’s grievance very well, he went on a tirade about how terrible the company was.

28) Her husband accused her hormonal imbalance for all the tirades she was getting into with her children.

29) Instead of going on a tirade about how your grandmother is becoming forgetful, you should understand that she has reached a fragile stage of life.

30) When his girlfriend came to know that he was cheating on her, she launched into a tirade, rightly so.

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