How to use Despicable In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Despicable in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Despicable, Despicably, Despicableness and Despicability.

Despicable Definition and Meaning with Examples

Despicable (adjective) means detestable and hateful.

The word refers to an action, behavior, situation or thing which is so vile and cheap that it deserves severe contempt.

When something obnoxious or abhorrent reaches new levels of awfulness, it can be called despicable.

Add the word despicable in a sentence to suggest the repelling, filthy or unsavory nature of something. For example, a petty crime like stealing a pencil must be treated with scorn but something like murder is totally despicable.


Despicable: Other Grammatical Forms

Despicably (adverb)

Despicableness (noun)

Despicability (noun)

Despicable in a Sentence Examples

1) She brushed away the despicable and malicious thought of spreading a rumor about her colleague as a form of revenge.

2) Just because I divorced my husband when he was not doing well financially, my daughter continues to think that I am a despicable woman.


3) The way all the parents fought and pulled each other’s hair at the school meeting was despicable. That was the kind of example they set for their children.

4) It makes me cringe to see my best friend fall in love with a guy who is a complete jerk. It is despicable to say the least.

5) The way he talked back to his mom was despicable. Someone should teach this kid some manners.

6) The hygiene levels maintained by the restaurant were despicable. One can only imagine the kind of food that must have been served to the diners.

7) His room was in a despicable mess. It almost seemed that he had turned into a hoarder.

8) The new owner’s attitude was despicable. He made it very clear that anyone who did not agree with his decisions was free to leave the company.

9) The entire suburb is a despicable sight. No wonder the property prices have plummeted by record levels.

10) His despicable lies and manipulative strategies have ruined our working relationship. Even is presence at office feels repulsive now.

Despicably in a Sentence Examples

1) The way in which he murdered his parents for their money was shocking. The thought itself was despicably gruesome.

2) I stopped myself from thinking despicably about him. I knew that it wasn’t right and I was compromising my ethics.


3) The canvas was painted despicably in splashes of insipid colors which the experts of the gallery called modern art.

4) She hit new lows in her life by trying to despicably blame her best friend for shoplifting when she had actually committed the crime herself.

5) How can you behave so despicably towards an animal? Would you harass it like this just because it can’t speak?

6) In a despicably made statement, the actress claimed that smoking made her look and more appealing to the youth.

7) She doesn’t realize this right now but her despicably evil actions will come back to her one day.

8) They were treated despicably for no reason, except that they hailed from a certain religion which their tyrant rulers did not accept.

9) She is despicably online almost all the time. Her mother has barred her from using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram until she bumps up her grades.

10) Everyone at the party was stunned to see her dressed so despicably. Her sartorial choice should have been somber enough to reflect the sad demise of her husband.

Despicableness in a Sentence Examples

1) The despicableness of the crime that took place last weekend was unspeakable. It was downright grotesque.

2) My father didn’t punish me for my mistakes, but for the despicableness of my thoughts that drove me to commit them.

3) The newspapers reported the crime to be horrendous and went on to use facts to flesh out its despicableness.

4) He apologized profusely for the despicableness of his actions and vowed never to even think of doing something so terrible again.

5) The lack of organization and management at the venue was a sight of utter despicableness. Everyone who bought tickets for the highly anticipated music festival was highly disappointed.


Despicability in a Sentence Examples

1) If people don’t step up and criticize the despicability of the burglar’s actions, more people will feel confident in getting away with such crimes.


2) Look at the despicability of the situation – the court does not know who to give the custody of the child to. The father is an alcoholic and the mother is broke.

3) None of the parents could believe the despicability of the new rule at school which made students pay ten dollars every time they were late for class.


4) A sense of despicability reeked from the refugee camp. The whole system was on the verge of a collapse.

5) How can the city tolerate such unabashed despicability of the council’s actions? Someone should raise a voice and protest.

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