Uncanny: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Uncanny in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Uncanny, Uncannily and Uncanniness.

Uncanny Definition and Meaning with Examples

Uncanny (adjective) means mysterious or strange. It refers to something which is so odd and curious that it is unsettling.

Anything which is so difficult to explain that it seems almost supernatural can be called uncanny.

The word can be associated with an astonishing resemblance between two things, remarkable abilities of a person or any other strange sensory experience which doesn’t seem normal.

For example, if the story of a film exactly matches that of your life, it can be called an uncanny resemblance.

Uncanny: Other Grammatical Forms

Uncannily (adverb)

Uncanniness (noun)

Uncanny in a Sentence Examples

1) My sister has an uncanny resemblance to my favorite actress. That is why I am so jealous of her.

2) Technology and sophisticated surveillance tools give people the uncanny feeling of always being monitored.

3) She uncannily manages to emerge victorious out the emotional mess that seems to perennially surround her.

4) My son has an uncanny way of failing in his tests at school even though he does perfectly fine when I run mock tests with him at home.

5) My best friend has an uncanny way of making me love him and hate him simultaneously.

6) She reminds me of a chameleon that has an uncanny ability to camouflage no matter what the landscape is.

7) The uncanny similarity between her facial features and her cousin’s, was particularly astounding.

8) He has an uncanny ability to know exactly what people are thinking at a particular point in time.

9) His uncanny sense of foreboding as a CEO saved the company from many imminent losses.

10) Casting directors like him become successful when they show an uncanny flair for spotting the right kind of actors for a role.

Uncannily in a Sentence Examples

1) She looks uncannily similar to her stepmother. Isn’t that remarkable?

2) The alleged murderer uncannily claimed to be out of town on the day of the crime even though the cops had evidence of his presence in the form of pictures.

3) She was shocked to see how uncannily her son could identify the notes of a guitar even though he was just a year old.

4) He’s super busy but uncannily manages to reach targets, meet deadlines and impress the boss without ever looking fatigued.

5) Uncannily, her astute father always managed to find out what she’d been doing behind his back.

6) The dog uncannily rose from his slumber and began sniffing around. Maybe he was trying to tell us something.

7) The counterfeit note looked uncannily genuine to the naked eye.

8) We went out shopping at separate times but the presents we bought each other turned out to uncannily similar.

9) The portrait that the little boy drew turned out to be uncannily perfect. No one could believe how he could do it.

10) The film adaptation uncannily turned out to be exactly like what he had imagined while reading the book.

Uncanniness in a Sentence Examples

1) The uncanniness of his abilities, mystique of his manner and charm of his personality are some of the things that draw his female fans towards him.

2) The uncanniness of this coincidence roused my suspicion. How could both the things happen at the exact same time?

3) The uncanniness with which he lived his life, bereft of any friends, relatives or other social connections was befuddling.

4) The uncanniness of the atmosphere was heightened as the owl’s visceral screech got louder.

5) The uncanniness of his frank advice disturbed me. He was trying to say something without actually saying it.

6) He is a recluse who lives all by himself. He steps outside his house only once a week and his uncanniness has become the talk of the town.

7) The uncanniness of the similarity in the two photographs was the reason that everybody assumed they were twins.

8) The uncanniness of the resemblance between his play and that of his friends’ made it look like a plagiarized piece of work.

9) The uncanniness with which she disappeared from the neighborhood made everyone suspicious about her.

10) The uncanniness of her tone along with her hushed silences contributed to her eerie personality.

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