Unanimous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Unanimous in a sentence: Sentence examples of Unanimous, Unanimously, Unanimity and Unanimousness.

Unanimous: Definition and Meaning

Unanimous (adjective) means undisputed, uniform or concordant.

The word refers to a vote, choice, opinion, verdict or decision which is agreed upon by everyone in a team or group.

Unanimous can also be usually used to describe an emotion or feeling which is similar across the board within a family, company or crew.

Add the word unanimous to your vocabulary to express the like-mindedness of an opinion.

Unanimous: Other Grammatical Forms

Unanimously (adverb)

Unanimity (noun)

Unanimousness (noun)

Unanimous in a Sentence Examples

1) Although she was not the unanimous choice for the lead actress, she eventually proved that she was the right one.

2) Everyone was unanimous in their opinion to shelve the existing project and commence work on the new one, since a lot money and resources had already been wasted.

3) Their unanimous choice should not get influenced by what others say. I hope they stay firm on their decision.

4) Unless there is a unanimous demand for an explanation, the CEO of the company will keep getting away with his malpractices.

5) The unanimous voice of the people of this country has made it very easy to predict which government will come into power this time around.

6) When all the kids in the party shouted on seeing the strawberry cake, I knew that their choice was unanimous.

7) The unanimous selection of the player in the team left no scope for any conspiracies or gossip.

8) No one ever expected that there could be a fissure in such a unanimous verdict of the court. This was unprecedented in history of our city.

9) All the doctors were of a unanimous opinion that the surgery should be done at such a nascent stage.

10) No matter what everyone else thought, my sister and I were of the unanimous opinion that my parents should not get divorced.

Unanimously in a Sentence Examples

1) If you can all try to think a bit more unanimously, it would be easier for us to live like a family.

2) All the kids unanimously decided that they wanted to go to the park instead of the museum. The parents had no choice but to acquiesce.

3) The parents unanimously signed a petition which requested teachers to enforce stricter measures of discipline on students.

4) If we think unanimously, we may come up with a solution much faster than thinking individually.

5) All the critics unanimously criticized the movie, the news of which spread on the internet like wildfire.

6) When my daughter’s new dress was unanimously ridiculed for its garishness, she decided to change into something more elegant.

7) My family unanimously believes that I should work for a few years and gather life experience before I apply for college.

8) All his professors unanimously recommended him as the best fresh graduate that any company could every employ.

9) The only reason that the petition was successful was because everyone voiced their opinions unanimously.

10) The discussion was easygoing because everyone quickly and unanimously agreed to the presented proposals.

Unanimity in a Sentence Examples

1) There was constant turbulence observed in the operations of the company because of the lack of unanimity between all the directors.

2) I don’t expect any unanimity in the group because it is not lead by an efficient leader.

3) We should begin the campaign to fight for our rights only if we know that there will be unanimity amongst all of us throughout the period this struggle.

4) Unless we achieve unanimity in all the things we do for the company, we will not surge ahead.

5) Although they had many differences in opinion and weren’t exactly a united lot, they ensured a certain amount of unanimity which wouldn’t affect the everyday operations of the company.


6) As parents, we should expect to have some unanimity on the issues that relate to our kids.

7) As long as there is unanimity amongst the players, it will be easier for their coach to guide them through the game strategy.

8) The manager put in a lot of her time and hard work to ensure that there was some sort of unanimity in her department.

9) What kind of unanimity do you now expect on an opinion which has already been previously criticized?

10) If the panel shows unanimity in approving your request, you may get the job.

Unanimousness in a Sentence Examples

1) If there is no unanimousness in any decisions taken by our team, we are going to be divided very soon.

2) My father wanted unanimousness in the decision for our holiday. He didn’t want to spend money only to see either one of us unhappy.

3) Their unanimousness on the resolution came as a complete surprise because they were seen tearing each other’s hair apart just a few days back.

4) The unanimousness of the choice astonished me because they people who cast their vote were from such diverse backgrounds.

5) There was unanimousness in the opinion that the company would grow steadily under her leadership.

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