How to Use Brusque in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Brusque in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Brusque, Brusquely and Brusqueness.

Brusque: Definition and Meaning

Brusque (adjective) means rude or offhand.

The word can be used to describe people who come across as discourteous because of their brief, direct or monosyllabic way of speaking.

Create a sentence with the word brusque to suggest a person’s curt manner or behavior.

Associate it with the hasty reply of a receptionist, to the point approach of a job interviewer, abrupt response of a celebrity, unfriendly manner of a busy boss, harsh reaction of a customer service executive or blunt reaction of a waitress.

Brusque: Other Grammatical Forms

Brusquely (adverb)

Brusqueness (noun)

Brusque in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t let his brusque manner offend you. He is not as curt and insensitive as he appears to be around everyone.

2) They were affluent but they weren’t taught how to be sophisticated. They thought that their wealth gave them a right to be brusque.

3) I gave him a brusque reply on the phone because I was in a hurry. I had no intention of being rude.

4) The job interviewers will be brusque. They won’t give you enough time or space to ask questions or make clarifications.

5) After exchanging a few brusque texts, I realized that he was not really keen to give me the job that I was so desperately lobbying for.

6) He gave my brother a brusque response because he wanted to make it clear that he was not liked in the organization.

7) The receptionist was brusque because she was handling about a thousand calls a day and had no patience left.

8) It is impossible to get through to the CEO on the phone. Every time I call her office, I am met with a brusque greeting from her executive assistant.

9) I don’t think your conversation with him will last more than three minutes because he is a very brusque person.

10) The actress thought that she could be brusque because she was famous.

Brusquely in a Sentence Examples

1) Our boss brusquely refused the approval of the document without even scanning through it once. This hurt us tremendously.

2) The customer service executive handled the conversation brusquely and paid a price by loosing that customer forever.

3) I wasn’t upset because he didn’t have enough time to see me. I was disappointed because he turned his back on me so brusquely.

4) She was pushed behind in the queue brusquely when she tried to pick a fight about the tickets. No one wanted to get delayed by a brawl.

5) Her mother brusquely asked her to go to bed when she started talking about her father.

6) The lawyer brusquely informed his client that the court was not going to consider reopening the case and that the fees he paid could not be returned.

7) She thanked him for the gift brusquely, as if she wasn’t very happy that he had come to the party and shown the audacity of giving her a gift.

8) The people who were waiting outside were brusquely neglected and shoved to the corner. In fact, no one attended to them for the next few hours.

9) My manager apologized to me for responding brusquely earlier in the morning. He said that his day hadn’t started off on the right note.

10) The two executives shook hands brusquely, wanting to finish their work as quickly as possible and go home.

Brusqueness in a Sentence Examples

1) The doctor’s brusqueness is a sign that he is very successful and has no time to laboriously listen to each patient’s history.

2) Don’t let your foul mood or a bad circumstance lead to brusqueness in behavior. You will not be able to undo the rudeness you show to anybody.

3) If he thinks he can show me his brusqueness just because he is my boss, I will make him realize that he is wrong.

4) He didn’t want to call her because he didn’t want to encounter her brusqueness along with incessant allegations.

5) Your brusqueness won’t get you anywhere. If you want to be a successful salesman, you will have to be polite and courteous all the time.

6) Her brusqueness is a facade that she puts up to avoid getting close to anybody and forging relationships with them.

7) He was welcomed with a lot of brusqueness because he had gone there against the wishes of his new boss.

8) Her brusqueness is going to be tolerated by people only until she is in power. The days she quits, people will start criticizing her openly.

9) Your brusqueness will start attracting the wrath of your colleagues. It is better for you to be nicer and friendlier with them.

10) The infamous brusqueness of the diva was on full display at the press release when she gave monosyllabic replies to the questions posed by the media.

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