How to use impasse in a sentence:- Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Impasse in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Impasse.

Impasse Definition and Meaning with Examples

Impasse (noun) means a deadlock or dead end.

Impasse literally means a street with no exit and metaphorically refers to a situation which is so tough that it can’t be resolved. The situation is typically a result of a difference in opinion between two people or parties.

Make a sentence with the word impasse to describe a dead end in a conversation, negotiation, relationship, discussion or debate.

The word generally carries a negative connotation as it describes a condition in which no progress is seemingly possible.

Impasse: Other Grammatical Forms


Impasse in a Sentence Examples

1) If the impasse in negotiations is not broken within the next two years, our company will begin to face immense amount of losses.

2) The meeting has been adjourned because there has been an impasse in the discussions for the further funding of the project.

3) They bargained for hours but ultimately landed on an impasse. Neither of the two parties were willing to make compromises.

4) They way in which the two cars came in front of each other on a small street caused an impasse and led to a traffic jam.

5) The two heads of state decided to fly down and meet until they could find a solution to water crisis and break the impasse on it.

6) The teachers and parents have reached an impasse over the issue of introducing school uniforms to prevent discrimination among students.

7) This impasse needs immediate attention of government officials otherwise the problem will get out of hand.

8) The month-long impasse in talks regarding prevention of environmental pollutants gave people the idea the government was no longer interested in the matter.

9) The reason why the relationship reached an impasse is because neither of them were ready to listen to each other.

10) Don’t let the public outcry and debate reach an impasse. It is the richest form of criticism and feedback.

11) I apologized to my wife profusely. I did not want her to get to the point of declaring an impasse in our married life.

12) We are in an impasse right now – between the devil and the deep blue sea. We don’t know what we should do and how we should proceed.

13) A panel of experts was called to find solutions to get over the cold impasse that had been left unattended since the past decade.

14) Divorce, bankruptcy and debt – he found himself at the worst impasse of his life.

15) It may seem impossible but we will have to do something to get around this impasse, no matter how long it takes.

16) There were too many sub-clauses written in the contract in fine print. This made us unsure and we reached an impasse with our clients.

17) The diplomats are hell bent on holding their own. There is no option but to wait for this impasse to unlock itself.

18) Studying history has helped statesman discover the reason of the impasse whose burden has been borne by people living on the borders since many generations.

19) The political impasse has been deliberately created so that politicians can buy more time to get a mandate from the citizens of the country.

20) Laugh it off and start afresh – this is the simplest yet most effective advice I can give you to overcome an impasse in your marital life.

21) After a tense impasse of almost four crushing hours, the hijackers decided to negotiate with the government.

22) I drove until I reached an impasse on the street. Then I just parked my car and slept there because I was really tired.

23) The impasse in decision making is causing a lot of industrial and corporate backlog, slowing down growth rates.

24) I cannot call off the deal just because we’ve reached an impasse. I will have to work around it so that I don’t bear a loss.

25) The manager had to be called to the store because the cashier’s argument with the customer had reached an impasse.

26) Sometimes the only thing needed in dealing with an impasse is a little bit of compassion and an ability to step into the opponent’s shoes.

27) A lot of time was wasted in breaking the impasse between the two parties than actually making real progress.

28) The cops were given instructions to catch the thief by circling him from different directions and creating an impasse.

29) The impasse in their relationship created so much bitterness that they couldn’t look into each other’s eyes.

30) The poem deeply reflected on the abyss and impasse that modern life has created in man’s spiritual consciousness.

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