How to Use Derision in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Derision in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Derision, Derisive, Derisively and Derisiveness.

Derision: Definition and Meaning

Derision (noun) means mockery or disrespect.

The word can be used to describe scorn, ridicule or contempt.

The act of holding derision involves treating something as completely worthless or making fun of someone through sarcasm or satire. Criticizing someone harshly or pursing lips to hold back laughter are derisive actions.

Form a sentence with the word derision to suggest disdain and discourtesy towards someone or something. Associate it with a scathing taunt, scoffing remark, offensive action, ridiculing jibe or vile insult.

Derision: Other Grammatical Forms

Derisive (adjective)

Derisively (adverb)

Derisiveness (noun)

Derision in a Sentence Examples

1) Her debut novel was received with a lot of derision by the press. Some thought that too much pressure was being put on her because she was the daughter of a famous author.

2) The speech drew much derision from the audiences as they pointed out all the glaring foibles in it.

3) The critic took it a bit too far by showing derision in his film review. He should have made his point more diplomatically.

4) The meeting turned into a battleground as all the employees showed derision for each other’s ideas just to put them down.

5) Ideas that are held in derision today may actually be the real breakthroughs of tomorrow. They shouldn’t be dismissed thoughtlessly.

6) I acted as the moderator between the two warring clients and told them that derision was not going to lead them anywhere.

7) All the newspapers held the government’s view in derision. Articles in print and on the internet overflowed with criticism for the same.

8) If children at a young age are met with derision from their friends for their unconventional views, it is likely to cause a dent in their willingness to try new things as they grow up.

9) The atmosphere of derision in a workplace can kill creativity and innovation, particularly in employees with low self-esteem.

10) I did not expect them to show childish derision at such an elegant and sophisticated party.

Derisive in a Sentence Examples

1) He was punished for using derisive language in school. The principal wanted to send the students a clear message that such behavior would be reprimanded.

2) I told my son off in front of everyone as soon as I caught him giving derisive glares to his grandmother.

3) He was put off mainly because he received derisive responses from most investors regarding his innovative ideas.

4) Her scathing, derisive smirk was all it took to destroy a friendship built over ten years in just ten seconds.

5) My son’s friends gave him a derisive nickname just because he was frail, underweight and thin like a stick.

6) I am not going to bother to work there again if I am met with derisive comments about my dissertation.

7) The derisive YouTube video about women received global backlash and was removed within two days of being posted.

8) The book outlines various strategies that new incumbents should use to protect themselves from seasoned, derisive colleagues.

9) Be prepared to be met with derisive remarks about your weird fascinator and cropped pants when you go to college today.

10) If you are going to attend today’s training with a derisive attitude because you already know enough about the subject, you should avoid coming in the first place.

Derisively in a Sentence Examples

1) He derisively asked his subordinate to show him his work and prove that his material was original.

2) My daughter doesn’t like joining them because she they keep talking derisively with everyone and she doesn’t like that.

3) Just because we were new to the association, seniors treated us derisively and made us feel uncomfortable.

4) I was told derisively by my colleague that I should take English classes if I can’t stop making spelling mistakes in my documents.

5) I did not expect my mother to react derisively after listening to my first attempt at poetry. I expected her to encourage me.

6) The crowds yelled derisively when the singer did not perform as per their expectations.

7) After derisively rejecting my proposal, my boss had a hard time facing me when it was appreciated elsewhere.

8) It was not right on your part to remark derisively about the sport when you haven’t played it even once in your life.

9) The statesman had to render a public apology for the derisively made statement regarding the minorities.

10) The head of the village derisively declared that women had to prove their potential before getting jobs whereas men would get employed on the basis of their degrees.

Derisiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) Her derisiveness is usually in full display when she is meeting with younger employees who don’t have much confidence.

2) Most of the comical performances were presented in bad taste because they were marked by derisiveness towards various ethnicities.

3) It is because she was the boss that her employees had no choice but to tolerate her derisiveness.

4) The derisiveness with which they treated me just because I was a freshman, was becoming intolerable and unacceptable.

5) The teacher instructed the students not to show even a hint of derisiveness when the underprivileged students would arrive to visit the school.

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