How to use encompass in a sentence sentence examples

What does encompass mean? It means to include something comprehensively, to work in all areas so as to understand everything about it.

Noun: -encompassment

Adjective: -unencompassed

Sentence Examples: –

  • The entire conference will encompass all the latest things about hacking and a lot more, so if you want sensitive knowledge, you have got to attend it.
  • It is the job of the high school seniors to encompass their learning within a very short period of time so as to make way for all the other activities.
  • In order for you to understand the total subject, you would need to encompass all the ideas and ideologies from other sources and try and make a project out of it.
  • In order for you to encompass the world, simply visiting all the major countries would not do. You need to also take a peek into the smaller countries as well.
  • When the professor gave a lecture on the theory of black holes, he went on to encompass a lot of new theories as well as debunking the ones that did not make any kind of sense. It was surely an entertaining event.

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