How to Use Euphoria in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Euphoria in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Euphoria, Euphoric and Euphorically.

Euphoria in a Meaning and Definition

Euphoria (noun) means extreme elation or happiness. It refers to a feeling of frenzied joy or intense delight.

In psychology, the word is used to describe a mental condition wherein a person has exaggerated feelings of excitement.

A feeling of extreme satisfaction and peace experienced by some people during meditation and other religious practices can also be termed as euphoria.

The use of certain drugs too can induce a sense of false euphoria.

Make a sentence with the word euphoria to describe a person’s feeling of ecstatic joy. Associate it with a delighted child’s expression while opening a gift, person’s reaction after winning millions in a lottery or the feeling of floating in the air out of sheer happiness.

Euphoria: Other Grammatical Forms

Euphoric (adjective)

Euphorically (adverb)

Euphoria in a Sentence Examples

1) All the euphoria surrounding the new President elect is not likely to die down until the next few months.

2) The audience was engulfed with euphoria after the last goal was scored and the team won on their home ground.

3) I can’t tell you the feeling of euphoria I feel when I see her loosing. To be precise, it’s called Schadenfreude.

4) Everyone controlled their emotions and tried to be prim and proper but the euphoria in the boardroom was palpable.

5) Champagne popping, bringing the house down, dancing in the rain – no one could stop their post-victory euphoria.

6) It’s only after the initial euphoria dies down that they well realize how stupidly they’ve been celebrating.

7) No one can understand my euphoria on wining the contract because no one knows how much hard work it takes to run a business.

8) Her writing is underlined by a sense of post-war euphoria which is a common feature in the works of many other writers of her time.

9) Their heady euphoria was amplified by the free flowing drinks, revelry with friends and an effusively celebratory mood.

10) Don’t allow your euphoria to let you make wrong decisions. Keep your head on your shoulders and think practically before taking any step.

Euphoric in a Sentence Examples

1) He seemed to calm down and come back from his euphoric state every time he took the medicines regularly.

2) Instead of spending time being stupidly euphoric about your job offer, you might want to gear up for the job.

3) All the investors are euphoric about the unreasonable skyrocketing stock prices, but I sense something really fishy.

4) It is easy to talk about how amazing your future is going to be when you are drunk and euphoric.

5) My parents were euphoric at my graduation because I was the first person who finished college in my entire family.

6) When she swung from being euphoric to depressed in a matter of a few minutes, I knew that she needed psychiatric help immediately.

7) Euphoric screams surrounded the stadium after the politician finished his speech which was replete with superlative promises to the public.

8) They are not just jubilant about their bright future, they are euphoric. Their business will rank in the top three within the next five years.

9) The actor was euphoric on winning the Academy Award and thanked his parents for giving him the courage to believe in himself.

10) It’s a euphoric melody which can significantly uplift your moods, especially on a day when everything is going wrong.

Euphorically in a Sentence Examples

1) My kids jumped on the bed euphorically when they came to know that their favorite team had won the finals.

2) In the middle of a meeting, my manager euphorically announced that his daughter had cleared the SATs with top scores.

3) The kids danced euphorically in the rain after a surprise holiday was announced by the school.

4) My father raised his hand in the air euphorically as he the news of the big election win rolled out. His political predictions had come true.

5) They celebrated euphorically but did not realize that they had forgotten to invite the person who had mentored them through the crisis.

6) He stepped out of the hall and euphorically exclaimed that he had been selected for the job, realizing only a few moments later that everyone else had been selected too.

7) She called me and told me euphorically that she had won a thousand bucks through a contest on the radio. I was dumbfounded.

8) The article euphorically claimed that the contagious virus had been permanently eliminated from the shores of the country.

9) My daughter gave me a high five euphorically when I told her that she was in for a treat because she had completed her homework in time.

10) They sang happy birthday for their grandson euphorically and zealously. Everyone could see that they valued the little child’s presence so much more after they lost their son in a car accident.

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