Use oath in a sentence

Definition of Oath

Oath Meaning:

(n) affirming the truth of a statement, a formal and serious promise to do something or to tell the true one

(n) an bad or rude word that is used to express anger or surprise

use Oath in a sentence

She gave her oath that she would not drink again.

He testified under oath that the other man had hit him first.

In this country, you are expected to swear an oath to the Queen when you become a citizen.

Similarly, under forest law, an oath was required from all the inhabitants of the forest, that they would not disturb the peace of the wild beasts therein.

Does science journalism need its own version of the Hippocratic oath, the thing that doctors don’t actually sign?

You will be asked to make an oath on the bible (or other recognised holy book), or make a non-religious affirmation to tell the truth.

The witnesses’ evidence is given under oath.

Federal law requires a witness testifying under oath to provide truthful answers.

She repeatedly denied under oath leaving her print at the crime scene.

A witness is required, usually under oath, to speak ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’.

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