Use peccadillo in a sentence

Definition of Peccadillo

Peccadillo Meaning:

(n) a small mistake which is not very important, a petty misdeed

use Peccadillo in a sentence

I do not punish my son for a peccadillo such as breaking a glass.

I just misspelled a word, which is a small peccadillo. That’s why the teacher rebuked at me.

He was arrested and put in a cell for 19 hours for a peccadillo.

She was fired for a peccadillo such as playing one game of solitaire on her office computer.

Tigreans and Eritreans are quick to anger and revenge for a peccadillo.

I never critisize other people for small peccadillos because I am not perfect.

I was very ashamed of this little peccadillo of mine.

We had to be constantly on our guard lest she turned up on her unexpected rounds and pulled us up for a peccadillo.

They commit this peccadillo because they feel that they are robbed by the law.

It doesn’t matter what it is and Dick talked about every peccadillo or whatever it is.

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