Use smattering in a sentence

Definition of Smattering

Smattering  Meaning:

(n) a slight or superficial understanding of a subject

(n) a small number or amount

use Smattering  in a sentence

He has a smattering of Greek. She knows only a few Greek words.

He learned a smattering of several languages that helped him to get his basic needs in a foreign country.

The other books contain a smattering of travel sites, but Frommer’s is alone in listing Web addresses for every restaurant, hotel, and attraction that has one.

It is good to have all the poems in one place, and also the published prose and a smattering of letters.

Fort-de-France and its suburbs have a smattering of very local, very crowded discotheques where foreigners rarely appear.

These studies represent just a small smattering of the research that has been done.

There was a smattering of applause when he came out.

The weather became a little chilly with a smattering of rain.

The moon has not yet risen, and the island has just a smattering of streetlights, so the sky is full of stars.

The area is mostly dry and mountainous, with a smattering of extinct volcanoes.

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