Use factotum in a sentence

Definition of Factotum

Factotum Meaning:

(n) a servant employed to do a variety of jobs

use Factotum in a sentence

Tom is the office factotum who has several activities or responsibilities.

My employee who assists as general factotum in my constituency practice earns £ 39:50 per week.

That man Vesuvius is as much spy as guide, the Pope’s factotum.

He scowled at the man who served as his butler, valet, and general factotum.

Davis, his black driver and general factotum, was at the wheel.

The room was empty, the lad who acted as his factotum having gone to bed.

The job he offered me was a sort of general factotum, a personal troubleshooter, but he wanted someone with a financial background.

He becomes a useful and trusted factotum for the Santa Cruz household, but he receives no wages and is dependent on their charity.

Most days she is housewife, mother, shop assistant, office worker or general factotum for all and sundry.

He is to be a sort of factotum to the Secretary of State: He will advise him on all sorts of matters and co-ordinate all sorts of things.

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