Umpteen: Meaning and Sentence Examples

How to use Umpteen in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Umpteen and Umpteenth.

Umpteen: Definition and Meaning

Umpteen (adjective) means many times or numerous. It can be used to describe something that has happened considerable number of times, countless number of people or an indefinitely repeated action.


On the other hand, umpteenth means something that comes last in a series or something that happens or comes after many others.


Although the essence of the word is the same, there is a slight difference between umpteen and umpteenth.


Umpteen expresses something sizeable or something that happens repeatedly as seen in the sentence I have bought umpteen video games. Whereas umpteenth describes the limit or the extent of something happening repeatedly as seen in the sentence This is the umpteenth video game I am buying.


Umpteen: Other grammatical forms

Umpteenth (adjective)


Umpteen: Sentence examples

1) There are umpteen ways to show her that you care for her – getting her flowers or taking her out for lunch is a good start.


2) I have told her umpteen times not to leave her room dirty, but she wont listen to me.


3) My brother gave me umpteen reasons why he wanted to break up with his girlfriend, but I thought most of them were petty.


4) Even though they had seen the movie umpteen times, they watched it yet again yesterday.


5) The appeal has been sent to the chief umpteen times but it seems like no action has been taken yet.


6) I dont know why the company is undertaking such a large project when there are umpteen smaller projects which are still pending.


7) There are umpteen ways to say you are sorry, so dont give an excuse as to why you didnt apologize.


8) The best part about hearing other peoples opinion on a subject is that you get exposed to umpteen points of view.


9) After signing umpteen documents, I was relieved by the bank manager with the promise that my education loan would be approved.


10) She cannot blame her destiny or fate because she deliberately let go of umpteen opportunities.


11) She will sign your document only after you give her umpteen reminders to do so.


12) Even though the student tried to rote the poem umpteen times, he couldnt even manage to remember a single line.


13) Among umpteen invitees for the evening, how was I supposed to find you especially when you werent carrying your cell phone?


14) Because he has lied umpteen times, he has lost track of all his lies.


15) He is the kind of employee who always shirks work and always has umpteen excuses in tow for doing so.


Umpteenth: Sentence examples

1) They are going over the same dispute for the umpteenth time. Arent they getting sick of fighting about the same thing?


2) This was his umpteenth effort in salvaging the company from a hefty loss. After this, he declared that he would not invest a single penny more.


3) This is his umpteenth attempt at convincing his sister not to get married to a divorcee.


4) After giving innumerable excuses that didnt convince his boss to grant him a sick leave, his umpteenth excuse was his mothers illness.


5) This is the umpteenth slap that the government of this country has received from its neighbor in the form of breach of contract.


6) This is my umpteenth job application. If this job doesnt work out, I will give up and sit at home.


7) I am sick of my son watching the same cartoon for the umpteenth time. I dont know what pleasure it gives him.


8) She was bound to be tipsy, after all the Grasshopper was her umpteenth drink.


9) Even after chancing upon the umpteenth clue, the detective was somehow not convinced that an innocent man like him could be the murderer.


10) The student said sorry to the teacher for the umpteenth time, but the teacher was heartless and did not bother to respond.


11) Although I am visiting Switzerland for the umpteenth time, I never seem to tire of its snow-capped mountains and quaint villages.


12) Although this was the umpteenth play in which he was performing as a lead actor, he hadnt received the kind of popularity that he should have.


13) He went out of his way to help all the volunteers for the umpteenth time, but no one showed him even a speck of gratitude.


14) This was the umpteenth business venture they were experimenting with. They already had a few failures before them.


15) Having made the umpteenth mistake of going behind her back and betraying her, you should have the decency to apologize for ruining her life.


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