Use succinct in a sentence:-sentence examples

How to use Succinct in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Succinct, Succinctly and Succinctness.

Succinct Definition and Meaning with Examples

Succinct (adjective) means crisp, concise and to the point.

The word typically refers to a style of communicating which is direct and compact, yet clearly expresses what it sets out to.

Add the word succinct to your vocabulary by using to express a compressed and brief way of talking, writing or speaking. Associate it with business like communication which avoids the use of verbosity, using fewer words to say more.

Succinct communication may sound terse to some people but it creates more impact that long, meaningless rants.

Succinct: Other Grammatical Forms

Succinctly (adverb)

Succinctness (noun)

Succinct in a Sentence Examples

1) Your presentation will have to be succinct since you will be presenting to board members who won’t have more than a few minutes to spare.

2) Her succinct style of writing suggests that she can undertake business communication of this company with panache.

3) The succinct representation of the desperate situation in the flooded areas was enough to alarm the government.

4) He speaks in a succinct manner because he has been in the shrew world of business from many years where each word is judged carefully.

5) The advertising agency presented their ideas for the branding for our company’s new line of products. We like it their succinct style of presenting.

6) Many of my colleagues think that my boss’ succinct manner of talking is brusque, but I think it’s highly professional.

7) The succinct report used bullet points and diagrams to clearly draw attention towards problem areas and pointed solutions.

8) The op-ed does get points for being succinct, but it shows a lot of bias towards the millennial.

9) A succinct article takes more time to write than a lengthy one. It is more difficult to be precise about ideas as compared to ranting about them.

10) The news channel is looking for writers who have the knack of writing succinct headlines and breaking news stories.

Succinctly in a Sentence Examples

1) My guide asked me to write the introduction to my essay more succinctly. The idea was to convey the theme of my dissertation in one paragraph.

2) Even though the topic was so multifarious and elaborate, it was written succinctly and that is what fetched her high grades.

3) In a job interview, always try to answer questions as succinctly as you can. Blabbering more than required is not going to help.

4) The marketer made the pitch as succinctly as she could, ensuring that she didn’t go overtime and bore the impatient investors.

5) In a succinctly written article, the journalist outlines the causes of the protest and why it was likely to remain ongoing.

6) If he does not like your proposal, he will refuse succinctly. He won’t even bother to give a long explanation.

7) Succinctly written resumes are likely to get picked up from the bunch of applications that HR teams usually receive.

8) The statesman won the hearts of people by powerfully addressing their concerns through a succinctly worded speech.

9) The students were asked to succinctly summarize the chapter so that they could review it before their exams.

10) The article emphasized the importance of public sanitation by outlining various suggestions given by experts, but it did so succinctly.

Succinctness in a Sentence Examples

1) The succinctness and the brevity of the letter was one of the reasons it was so impactful and memorable.

2) The succinctness with which the synopsis was written impressed the teacher and she gave the student high grades.

3) The minister delivered the lecture with succinctness unlike his contemporaries. This came as a pleasant surprise and shock to people who were bored of hearing superfluous and boring speeches.

4) One of the most important pieces of advice that my editor gave me was to have succinctness in my work.

5) The succinctness in her writing was the result of her logical thinking and analytical approach.

6) Most job search websites offer common advice for writing resumes. The most popular one being that the resumes should be error-free and marked by succinctness.

7) Whether you manage to get an appointment with him or not will depend on the succinctness of your email and the kind of impression it creates.

8) The instructions carried a lot of succinctness, leaving no space for confusion.

9) Succinctness in writing is his forte. He can convey the crux of the most detailed of topics pithily.

10) The advertisement had to find some way to put across the detailed incentive scheme of the product with succinctness.

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