Vague in a Sentence

What does vague mean? It means something that is not stated explicitly, but contains a whole lot of ideas.

Noun: -vagueness

Adjective: -unvague

Sentence Examples: –

  • Do you have a vague understanding as to the kind of problems that you have created with the nuisance in the workplace?
  • If you are vague on the details of your plan, how do you expect us to be behind you 100% and support you in your endeavors?
  • A primary aspect about normal sound is that it can take on any vague form and you would have to go with the flow.
  • There are a lot of sensibilities that deal with a vague generalization of life, so taking the help of an expert to help you understand its significance will definitely do you whole world of good.
  • As expected, there are a lot of vague people in this committee, who have no idea about the kind of job that they would have to do and the amount of time that the need to spend on it.

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