Vehement in a Sentence

What does vehement mean? It means somebody or something that is very emotional, and is normally characterized as being very violent.

Adjective: -nonvehement

Sentence Examples: –

  • When there were a lot of robberies in the last month, I was vehement to look into the monitoring of the houses and proposed for a neighborhood watch.
  • It is only when people look into the vehement protest that has been undertaken by the local community do they understand the problems that could be easily transformed into a nationwide conflict.
  • With a vehement opposition to the new curriculum, the school had to revert to the old one.
  • The vehement conversation between the two former Senators went on for the better part of two hours.
  • Upon finding that their favorite item of pizza was removed from the school menu, there was a vehement protest in front of the kitchen area led to the inclusion of pizza from the next day in the school menu.
  • If you happen to be a vehement opponent to any kind of increase in tax, then you need to mention that to the government.

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