How to use Vengeance in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Vengeance in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Vengeance, Vengeful and Vengefully.

Vengeance Definition and Meaning with Examples

Vengeance (noun) means revenge, retribution or reprisal.

The meaning commonly refers to an act, desire or intention of hurting someone as a way of retaliating. Such revenge can include humiliation through violence, words or behavior.

Add the word vengeance to your vocabulary to suggest any kind of avengement. The phrase ‘with a vengeance’ is commonly used to express the same meaning as idioms such as blow for blow and tit for tat.

In conversation, the words vindictiveness, revenge, payback and settling scores mean the same thing as vengeance.

Vengeance: Other Grammatical Forms

Vengeful (adjective)

Vengefully (adverb)

Vengeance in a Sentence Examples

1) The public lashed out at the politician with full vengeance and used a slew of curses to make him understand why they were really angry.

2) The fashion of the seventies has come back with a vengeance and how. Everyone seems to be wearing baggy pants and thick rimmed spectacles.

3) I have always hated heels. But after a lady wearing stilettos stepped on me and injured my foot, I hate them with a vengeance.

4) Breath hushed, fists clenched and eyes burning – everyone could see the vengeance that was brewing in his body.

5) She brought an expensive blue jacket for me but I was disappointed because I hate the color blue with a vengeance.

6) As an act of vengeance, what you did crossed the line. You should have chosen a different way to teach her a lesson.

7) I made my kids stay home all month before their exams. Now there are partying around town with a vengeance.

8) A continuous chain of violence has been established in the system because everyone’s actions are motivated by vengeance.

9) It snowed with a vengeance and all our plans to go out for a walk in the park got washed out.

10) He knew that completing this project before time was going to get him the promotion. So he began to type away with a vengeance.

Vengeful in a Sentence Examples

1) She spoke loudly and emphasized on certain words in the most vengeful way.

2) Don’t be so vengeful. This time your sister got a treat, next time it will be your turn.

3) The story narrated the life of a vengeful man who did nothing but plan ways in which he could get back at people who didn’t help him.

4) A vengeful stare from him was enough to let me know that one more blow from my side would be the end of everything.

5) Not giving him a recommendation just because he didn’t vote for was a vengeful decision on her part.

6) Stories of vengeful violence were strewn all across the internet and television as the flames of war engulfed the entire nation.

7) I don’t want to do anything to upset the manager because he is very vengeful by nature and I am scared oh him.

8) The damage caused to the property was no coincidental, it was vengeful.

9) Cops are expecting the goon to retaliate at some point because he is known to be a vengeful person by nature.

10) The movie was about a vengeful wife who killed her husband just because he refused to let her buy an expensive dress.

Vengefully in a Sentence Examples

1) She has been speaking to me vengefully and giving me threats even though I have done nothing to harm her.

2) My son ran after his friend vengefully after he sprayed his shirt with paint. It was a hilarious sight.

3) The armed man looked at the woman vengefully and closed his eyes as he clenched his hands around the trigger.

4) It was not an innocuous warning, it was a vengefully given threat.

5) She rowed the boat vengefully. She was in a hurry to reach the shore and find out who had broken into her house.

6) She has written the book vengefully with an aim to expose the lies that the government has perpetrated to keep itself safe.

7) They vengefully posted distasteful comments on her blog to malign her online reputation.

8) The thought entered her mind vengefully and she was convinced that she should do everything in her power to get back at them.

9) The act was committed vengefully and the state government must ensure that the severest punishment is meted out to the offenders.

10) Such vengefully made statements by politicians will disrupt the peace and prosperity that that nation has been recently witnessing.

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