Zealous in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Zealous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Zealous, Zeal and Zealously.

Zealous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Zealous (adjective) refers to a person who is enthusiastic or passionate about something.

The word is used to describe keenness for an activity, eagerness in behavior, zest for life, extreme commitment to work, passion for a hobby or fondness for a person.

Add zeal to your vocabulary to suggest enthusiasm, fervor or eagerness of extreme nature. The word expresses a a higher intensity of these emotions.

Finishing work before a deadline, practising a hobby fervently or showing more enthusiasm for a party than its host are some of the typical examples of being zealous.

Zealous: Other Grammatical Forms

Zeal (noun)

Zealously (adverb)

Zealous in a Sentence Examples

1) His zealous attitude made him a winner in overcoming every obstacle of life with a smile on his face.

2) There is a small difference between being zealous and being overzealous. The latter might make you come across as pesky.

3) This type of tedious community work needs zealous volunteers, not people who enroll out of compulsion.

4) His zeal for banning plastic bags in supermarkets was remarkable. He actually took measures to ensure that the ban went through.

5) My colleague’s zealous dedication towards his work is what landed him a promotion.

6) My younger sister is a zealous Brad Pitt fan. She owns all the DVDs of his movies.

7) Your zealous support to the initiatives undertaken by our charitable organization is much appreciated.

8) Because he is a zealous film buff, he spends all his monthly allowance on buying movie paraphernalia.

9) Being zealous and finishing more than what you are asked to do will keep you in good stead in the eyes of your boss.

10) Don’t expect her to show any interest in this initiative, because she doesn’t exactly have a very zealous attitude towards philanthropy.

Zeal in a Sentence Examples

1) Showing some zeal for your work will help you to impress your manager.

2) It was her zeal that pushed me to start a new business despite all our financial hurdles.

3) Her zeal for painting and the hard work she put behind learning it has made her such a great artist.

4) The secret to his success was not just his zeal, but his dedication backed by hard work.

5) If you chase your ambitions with zeal, you are bound to achieve them all.

6) The people of this city have a lot of zeal to run a cleanliness drive.

7) He was training very hard because he had a lot of zeal for winning the Olympics.

8) His zeal for life is contagious. It inspires everyone around him to live life to the fullest.

9) My teacher’s zeal and commitment towards her students is palpable because of the effort and sincerity she puts into her work.

10) Even though she didn’t have too many educational degrees to flaunt, her boss was impressed by her zeal to learn the ropes of the job.

Zealously in a Sentence Examples

1) She zealously accepted the opportunity to enroll in the foreign exchange study program offered to her by the teacher.

2) Students worked zealously towards getting good grades in their final semester.

3) Journalists were asked to cover the event zealously as it was expected to massively increase viewership of the news channel.

4) Celebrities are known to zealously guard their reputation on social media.

5) My best friend zealously updates the Facebook page of her business on a daily basis because she wants more visitors on her website.

6) He performed all his parental duties zealously, without giving his wife a single chance to complain.

7) The social worker was zealously committed to the cause and he was ready to go to any extent to ensure the success of the petition.

8) Everyone has a tendency to behave zealously when it comes to the subject of their interest.

9) The candidate who answers most zealously is likely to impress people from HR more than the others.

10) You can become a master of your craft if you pursue it zealously.

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