Zany: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Zany in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Zany, Zanily and Zaniness.

Zany Definition and Meaning with Examples

Zany (adjective) means eccentric, crazy or weird.

The word can be used to describe a clownish person, behavior, action or thing which is absurd or outlandish. The purpose of zaniness is mainly to amuse.

Occasionally, the word zany is also used as a noun to refer to a person who is buffoonish.

Create a sentence with the word zany to suggest goofiness or bizarreness. A crazy looking sculpture, silly sense of humor, foolishly ridiculous action, whacky style, peculiar behavior or a comical situation can be called zany.

Zany: Other Grammatical Forms

Zanily (adverb)

Zaniness (noun)

Zany in a Sentence Examples

1) I am sick and tired of dealing with this zany crew who keeps goofing around all day and accomplishes no work at all.

2) His zany sense of humor and sardonic tone are not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may be offended by it.

3) You can use your zany antics to get everyone’s attention but you won’t be able to use this tactic for too long.

4) It’s a zanily written comedy with hints of satire and splashes of dark humor – a combination not easily palatable to an ordinary audience.

5) Our clients didn’t mind us creating a zany advertising campaign as long is gets people’s attention.

6) The graphic artist used some random Photoshop effects to make the picture look zany and hypnotic.

7) The zany dressing of the character was applauded in the film. Apart from that, there was nothing else worth seeing.

8) She is the perfect candidate for the role of a kindergarten supervisor – friendly with kids, humble, gracious and slightly zany.

9) I want to set a really ridiculously zany password for my email account which is so weird that no one can ever guess it.

10) You cannot select zany looking designs to wear to your best friend’s wedding. If you are one of the bridesmaids, you will have to wear what is given to you.

Zanily in a Sentence Examples

1) He will react zanily to everything you tell him, even if it is a matter as serious as someone’s death.

2) The more zanily you act in front of him, the lesser the chances of you impressing him. Guys like cute girls over the funny ones.

3) It was a zanily performed act but it worked because it was based on a slapstick comedy. The real test would be to perform a melodrama.

4) It’s a zanily designed piece of furniture which is so whacky that even an eccentric artist would think twice before buying it.

5) My director asked me to dress up zanily during rehearsals so that I could portray my part of a clown with more authenticity.

6) The zanily designed decal that adorned the walls of her living room reflected her image perfectly.

7) My kids love spending time with their uncle because he cracks zanily lame jokes that make no real sense.

8) If you are in the mood of seeing a movie which is zanily shot, you can make a selection from my repertoire of indie films.

9) My husband deliberately talks zanily so that he can make our kids laugh and keep them entertained.

10) You will identify her in the crowd because she is dressed pretty zanily.

Zaniness in a Sentence Examples

1) People tolerate his zaniness only because he is a celebrity. He would be mocked if he was an ordinary person.

2) The show is successful not because of the content but purely because of the zaniness of its anchor and his crazy histrionics.

3) More than the actual works of art, it is the zaniness of the show which is gathering more headlines in the press.

4) It is the zaniness of the character in the fairy tale that kids find so cute and lovable.

5) The comedian took his zaniness to a new level in his last show by doing a chicken dance on a table.

6) The zaniness of this design project is what has attracted a lot of artists to it. They want to be a part of something quirky and memorable.

7) She decided to monetize her zaniness by applying for the role of a video jockey. It was probably the best job that matched her personality.

8) The dialogues of the story didn’t do a good job of bringing out the zaniness of its characters. In fact, they made the film plain and boring.

9) The zaniness of his sartorial sense keeps getting worse by the day.

10) It is a comedy of errors – full of delightful characters and subplots drenched in utter zaniness.

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