Use Abhor In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Abhor in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Abhor, Abhorrence, Abhorrent and Abhorrently.

Abhor Definition and Meaning with Examples

Abhor (verb) means to hate or dislike to an extremity. This word can be used to describe anything that causes hatred, disgust, repulsion or scorn.

Using abhor instead of hate in particular contexts can add more impact and intensity to a sentence. Abhor can also be used to suggest criticism, rejection or condemnation.

Include abhor in your word list by simply replacing it with hate and its near synonyms.

Using this word can make a sentence sound more formal, powerful and passionate.

Abhor: Other Grammatical Forms

Abhorrence (noun)

Abhorrent (adjective)

Abhorrently (adverb)

Abhorrer (noun)

Abhor in a Sentence Examples

1) The parliamentarians abhor the fact they are not allowed to take decisions without being given approval by an influential minister.

2) Abhor good people who have refrained from saying the right thing instead of bad people who have said the wrong thing.

3) I abhor the ways of destiny. It repeatedly gives second chances to people who don’t deserve it at all.

4) My father abhors working with young professionals because he thinks they are lethargic.

5) We abhor the way the school is being run by teachers who are not qualified enough.

6) Everyone in the office abhors the policy of working one Saturday every month, especially when they have been doing overtime.

7) If you abhor studying math, do it first instead of procrastinating it. This will take the burden off your shoulders before exams.

8) I abhor the house we live in, but the only reason I am tolerating it is because my father loves it.

9) There is no logical reason why they should abhor my style of working as long as I get things done on time.

10) Most students abhor studying history because it is a lengthy subject with too many dates and facts to memorize.

Abhorrence in a Sentence Examples

1) There was no way she could prevent herself from showing abhorrence towards the gang. After all, they murdered her father.

2) People of this country need to stop showing abhorrence towards each other’s religions. Only then will everyone be able to live peacefully.

3) Abhorrence is not the answer to this complex political situation. Negotiations will have to be carried out peacefully.

4) Don’t promote abhorrence amongst kids. Teach them important values like peace, love and integrity.

5) The way in which the underprivileged kids were treated by their landlords, filled me with abhorrence.

6) I know that my decision of firing a few people will cause abhorrence for me in the office. But I have no options left.

7) Crude abhorrence for anything in life will cloud your ability to make a sound decision.

8) As a coffee lover, I went to a tea party with much abhorrence.

9) She has radically liberal views on education because of which she looks at most education institutions with abhorrence.

10) My husband’s abhorrence towards my son’s perennial lethargy knows no limits.

Abhorrent in a Sentence Examples

1) The violence she witnessed in her childhood has made her a very abhorrent person by nature.

2) Their divorce has made them very abhorrent towards each other.

3) His abhorrent behavior towards his mother embarrassed everybody in the family. No one believed that he had grown up to be so unruly.

4) Some people believe that abortion is the most abhorrent thing that a woman can ever choose to do.

5) The only reason I don’t want to visit the pet shop is that I find the sight of caged animals very abhorrent.

Abhorrently in a Sentence Examples

1) The riot had become so abhorrently bloody, that we had to seek refuge by running away to a nearby town.

2) Lovers of modern art tend to look at traditional practices of painting abhorrently.

3) The criminals in jail fought with each other abhorrently until they all bled.

4) These days, education is being abhorrently looked upon as a business rather than a social service.

5) All the kids reacted abhorrently after visiting the abattoir since it was the first time they saw so many carcasses and so much blood.

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