Aplomb in a Sentence

What does aplomb mean? It means to be poised, or to have a certain amount of assurance.

Sentence Examples:

  • It is only due to the huge amount of experience that the bomb diffuser has with which she has been able to handle the situation with
  • In order for you to handle the acting the role with aplomb it is important for you to go over each and every nuance that you may have learned in your acting school.
  • It is only with the versatility of a teacher with which the children have been able to work towards getting out of the school in case of a fire drill with
  • One of the best things about handling the situation with aplomb is the fact that you are known to be calm and assertive in your group.
  • It is only because you are not able to carry around the same aplomb with your fashion sense as in your character that you are not able to stick to your convictions.

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