Abjure in a sentence

What does abjure mean? It means to give up something under the oath or to renounce something.

Noun: -abjurer

Adjective: -unabjuratory.

Sentence Examples: –

  • It was only after the dictator to go on the reins of the country that the people had to give up or abjure their political as well as religious beliefs.
  • Just so that a farmer will be able to enjoy his comfort, you would have to abjure all the commercialism surrounding him.
  • It was his parents that told him to abjure any form of crime; not having listened to them, Gary ended up being a regular in prison.
  • This because Mary happens to be on a diet, she would have to abjure any kind of dessert or sweet food that she comes across. It can make life pretty tragic for her.
  • When it comes to letting another person handle your case, you would have to either go with it or abjure it without any further claim whatsoever.
  • Even though Jack had made a promise to try and abjure from any kind of criminal activities, he would not go and honour his promise.

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