Extol in a sentence

What does extol mean? It means to highly praise someone.

Noun: -extoller

Adjective: -self- extolled

Sentence Examples:

  • When you are jealous of someone, it takes a lot of pride in you to try and extol their good virtues. Once you do so, you would find yourself being mature beyond recognition.
  • It is always important to try and understand the accomplishment of your brother and how you would be able to extol the good virtues and ignore all the other things.
  • It was the job of the Minister in the church to try and extol the good values of the people in the choir, and how the people in the church will be able to contribute towards its growth.
  • It is the job of shallow people try and extol beauty, and not look into the innermost feelings of a person.
  • Just because Jon happens to be a very arrogant person, he does not look to extol the virtues of anyone. He always thinks of himself first as a form of reference.

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